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And here we have the desserts. First up is the dessert that we modified from what @cheerfulcallie was having on that day. It's cut up strawberries, pound cake and bananas that we drizzled hot chocolate syrup over. The second dessert was a trifle. It consisted of Cool Whip, sliced strawberries and cut up angel food cake. We could have added blueberries to make it more patriotic looking, but we don't like fresh blueberries. ^^ Lastly, my cupcakes that I made. It's vanilla cake with white frosting, with red and blue sprinkles on top. ;D
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those cupcakesssssss!!!! is that a parfait????
4 years ago·Reply
@miranpark88 No, it's a trifle.^^
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@miranpark88 And it was soooo delicious.
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eehh??? how in the world did i miss this??? that looks delish!!! wish i was there but i was where again....@YinofYang ??? hahhaha!!!
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