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It started with Jackson! Look at that swag!
Then, it was obviously Rapmon's turn!
Chanyeol, I almost missed ya, but you ain't scaping the brotherhood!
Then Eric was like "Yah! Guys is my turn!"
So, I decided to post how much this bad boy actuality costs. It's a Gucci jacket and to protect you from having a heart attack the price is on picture number 2. Brace yourselves! This jacket is trying to look nice by surrounding itself with pretty boys but I'm not convinced yet. WHO WILL BE NEXT? VICTIM OR VOLUNTEER?
UPDATE: So apparently, according to All Kpop, the jacket wore by Rapmonster is a fake one 😕. I don't know if they meant to do that or the stylist really screwed things up. Anyways, I hope this doesn't get BTS into any kind of trouble.
lmaoo.. that's a good one brotherhood of the traveling jacket. lol
when your new dream is to be a Gucci Jacket....
*shift eyes* I actually like this jacket. I also personally like it most on RapMon becase his hair color goes with it. 😎
@marisamusic @sarabear1021 I'll add him thanks for letting me know 😆
question is who wore it better?, me thinks Jackson/Chanyeol
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