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Kawaii girls doing kawaii things! I wasn't planning on watching all of this show but it made me laugh for the simplest and stupidest reasons! These 4 adorable girls will make any bad day, well just a little more fun! Is there anyone else who has watched Ichigo Mashimaro!?!?
I have found the queen of lolis! lol Nobue is 21 years old and I have dubbed her the Queen of Lolis! She and her little sister Chika live at home still. Miu, one of Chikas closest friends who lives next door and run on rooftops just to go next door to play! With Matsuri and Ana who are one year younger than Chika and Miu make a pack of funny and adorable girls who, let me put it this way again, "Kawaii girls doing kawaii things!" Ichigo Mashimaro...a show to watch! The opening and ending are pretty relaxing as well!
I'd totally date the older sister Nobue!!!!! We could ride into the sunset on her scooter!
@JustinCuellar it's called Ichigo Mashimaro (Strawberry Marshmallow)
What show is this