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@_@ the boys are finally there! Full cast and details about new show
The other day we saw news about our boys going into the program "real men" from MBC that will air in mid may! I'm so excited for this! what's interesting is that these two Got7 members actually won't be having to serve in the army as the other 4 members will at some point. now we can see them in full uniform!
wow! they look so serious! I'm sure they will do well, I kind of feel bad for Bambam because he can break in any second! But that's why Jackson is here to help him =D
The theme this season is "close as brothers" and it deals with two sets of men that are like brothers ( one set actually are twins) one set are atheles and the other are comedians along with Got7 set
Jackson had to change is hair color due to the time he was at the show, his natural hair is dark and we know blonde hair is hard to maintain, so really he kept being his glamorous self even here in military life. Everytime I watch anything with these boys I learn so much about them, Bambam is now Jacksons roommate as well so I know this will make strong relationship... guys, ready to watch this?
@Ticasensei Ohhh i actually havent seen this show lol this shd be my first time thanks 👌😄❤
@sherrysahar me too =) I've watched other season so this should be good
i am gonna watch dis
@Ticasensei Im not saying they should be forced to serve. That's why Im saying its broken. Majority of their group is going to be leaving while they stay back.
Wait so only full Koreans or a Korean background can only go into the military? I thought all groups members have to go no questions asked.
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