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Mother's Day is this Sunday. Are you prepared?!
To help you in the gifting department, meet SMEG. It's the latest incarnation to the ubiquitous stand mixer. While many designs have come and gone over the years, it's hard to dispute the quality and consistency of a KitchenAid stand mixer. But when you compare the KitchenAid to the SMEG, it's even harder to ignore the almost-5-star rating of the SMEG.
I have my industrial KitchenAid but I wouldn't mind having a powder blue SMEG. And though I am not a mother, I would never say no to a gift like this--even if I got it this Sunday!

Product Details

This SMEG stand mixer gives you a roomy 5-qt. capacity plus the tools and speed you need to whip delicate meringue or mix bread dough. Expand its reach with pasta-making attachments, sold separately. Model SMF01
Includes polished stainless steel bowl, wire whisk, dough hook, flat beater, pouring shield
* 10 speeds * Smooth Start function for less mess * Auto-stop safety feature * Dimensions: 18" x 16" x 10" * Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty * Imported


Retro design
Versatile splashguard/pouring shield
Colours match Smeg appliances


Difficult to store
$459 (regularly $659)
GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@marshalledgar I'll get you some fillers
Are you sure about that @NotReallyHere? haha @atmi is getting her mom something that she'd enjoy receiving. Of course, she'd never get her a stand mixer, because her mom isn't thrilled about it. I know plenty of moms out there that would LOVE a stand mixer. The point of Mother's Day isn't to get roped into the status quo. It's about showing mom how awesome she is. Part of that is giving a thoughtful gift (that she would LOVE). Sometimes, that means getting a stand mixer. There's nothing wrong with it.
omg, I really want to buy stand mixer for myself and I am survey it a few months ago. but for my mother, I usually give a handbag or blouse to her. she is not really excited with kitchen appliances.
@marshalledgar I disagree - this is like giving a gift and saying 'please bake for me!' That said, if you want to bake for me, I'll take it.
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