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Sleep is literally love.

I'm usually in bed by or before the clock hits ten o'clock and on a good night, I'm knocked out long before midnight. Last night, I didn't get in until a little after midnight and waking up this morning has been a serious struggle. Probably one of the realest struggles I've had in some time. If only Tuesday was Friday, but a girl can wish -- right? Of course, she can.
While there is work to be done, I find myself constantly yawning. Every single time I even think about yawning one comes out. I think we can all agree that sleep is definitely a beautiful thing and we could all use a bit more than we get on a daily basis. Have you ever noticed how contagious yawning happens to be? Seeing someone else yawn can set off a chain reaction. For example, the BuzzFeed video seen below of the man yawning is bound to make you yawn. Check it out and see what happens.

Did this video make you yawn?

If so, how many times?
I yawned looking at pic. what a fail lol
I've watched this video before and I didn't yawn before, but I did this time lol
😂😂😂 well at least you yawned lol @MichelleHolly
I was yawning before but, during, not at all
It didn't make me want to yawn, but it did make me want to open my mouth up super wide for some reason...
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