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I'm talking about haircut, color and texture. I probably get a haircut every season, so that's about 4 times a year. I do try new hairstyling methods every month and this does not involve hair color changes. I love hair coloring but I think more than 3-4x a year might damage your hair especially if it involves bleaching. So, I can't imagine how K-pop stars put up with constant hairstyle changes such as digital perm and hair coloring.
On the other hand, Kylie Jenner had about 51 different hair looks within last year (2015). I also heard she has as closet of wigs.

Do you like trying new hairstyles or keeping it constant?

@brinJSN Sounds really exciting! I wish you luck! :) My sister used to have really long hair and my mom wouldn't let her cut. After going to college she got a bob and never went back to long hair.
I go with the flow. If my hairs light/healthy enough I'll try all kinds of different colors and shades. I'm re dying my hair before the concert I'm going to Friday (purple and blue). I usually don't try out different hairstyles til my hair is super long though. It was previously to the small of my back and I donated 13 inches maybe a year ago. Slowly growing it back now. I always get the same haircut nowadays. I once had Sasuke's haircut (from Naruto) and that was a HUGE mistake lol
@HairConfetti my hair used to be past my butt, but I cut it a little above my waist in November but it grew to a little past my waist now
I've never dyed my hair nor do I style it. My hair is too long and thick for styling so I just keep it natural. I curl my hair once a year, even then I'm barely able to do it
@HairConfetti Its long in the front and basically a spiked pixie cut in the back. Thankfully I was only in middle school when I tried it lol and thanks I will!
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