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Naruto: Sigh
Naruto: Come on Hinata. You don't have to be so defensive, I'm not going to do anything. (It kinda hurts me that you think I'd act like that) Hinata: No, it's not like that. Hinata: Umm... T-Th they would just keep floating. (if I don't push them down) Naruto: O-oh... (Float?) (Eh? Float?) (is that normal? is that an actual thing?)
Naruto: Hey Sakura-chan? Sakura: Hm? Naruto: do breasts really float? Sakura: Ha!?
Hinata: N-Naru-To-Kun?
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@ReaperSteel well naruto is not the type of person to think that far ahead tbh.
2 years ago·Reply
@simplynick then again he's not type of person to think at all
2 years ago·Reply
@ReaperSteel she isnt flat jerk
2 years ago·Reply
@AleciaReedy whatever helps you sleep at night
2 years ago·Reply