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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1585 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 10/?
Monday came around way too quick. “It’ll be OK”, Namjoon had assured me. He left last night, telling me to meet him at the university at ten, so Jin would already be an hour into teaching our class. Correction- his class.
Normally, our lecture was only an hour, but this week and next week they were going to be three hours long. So the chances of seeing him were low.
I put on a smart-casual outfit (consisting of a blouse and skirt) so even if I was going to get fired today, I didn’t have to walk out crying wearing a suit. That would add insult to injury.
Namjoon was already there when I was parking up. As I stepped out the car, his eyes widened. “Woah, Teach.”
“Shut up”, I retorted, biting back a smile. He pointedly looked me up and down. “Namjoon, stop it!, I warned him sternly. Him biting his lip wasn’t really doing a lot to calm me down. Plus who knows who could be watching?
“Sorry Miss. You can punish me later.” His smirk made me want to strangle him. I threw him a glare and made my way into the university, to get to the dean’s office.
Even though Namjoon was behind me, I could feel his being towering over me. Damn this height difference. He was never intimidated by my anger because he was so freaking tall.
I stopped outside the door, and gave a deep breath. I felt Namjoon reassuringly squeeze my shoulder. “It’s going to be OK y/n.”
I gave him a small nod and knocked on the door.
“Come in!”
I opened the door, and had hardly entered the room when I stopped dead. Namjoon collided with me, almost sending me flying, but I got hold of the door handle before I fell face down.
It was the dean. Laughing with someone. Not just someone- Jin.
Why was he here? Did he guess our plan?
“I wanted to have a word in private, but I see you’re busy so I’ll come back”, I hurriedly explained, backing out of the room.
Jin was staring at me, a strange glint in his eyes. “It’s OK y/n. We’re all friends here.” Him and the dean smiled at each other, and suddenly I felt annoyed. Jin was starting to have this weird control over my life and I didn’t like it. Not one bit.
“What are you doing here? Who’s taking the Chemistry lecture?” My face stayed neutral as I studied his. He smirked slightly. “Yoona said she’ll take care of it and I’m very grateful to her.”
I internally rolled my eyes, and bit back from making a sarcastic comment. “It’s always nice when your colleague helps you out an gives you no grief, isn’t it?”, I virtually spat, my face hardening.
Before he could respond, I turned to the dean. “Sorry sir, I will come back later.” And with that I sauntered off. Namjoon was already waiting down the corridor as I walked passed him, allowing him to follow me. Jin’s presence alone had made me so angry.
“Fuck him”, I muttered.
“Why haven’t you bought your books?” I turned to him. Instead of continuing straight on, to get out, I turned right.
“Why? And where are you going?”
I laughed lightly before replying. “I’ve got a lecture to give.” Namjoon response was his look of humour mixed with disbelief.
I wasn’t going to let Jin ruin this for me. All those years of hard graft, day after day of training, blood sweat and tears, for him to threaten me whenever he felt like it?
Well, fuck him.
I opened the door, and all heads turned to face me. Yoona was stood there, staring up at me, wide-eyed. I could already tell she regretted offering to do this for Jin. She looked mortified.
Namjoon slid in behind me and took a seat next to his friends, as the students started laughing, thinking he was an hour late to lecture. Which he was, but not for the reasons they thought.
I could almost see the relief on Yoona’s face as I called out, “It’s OK. I’ll take it from here.”
I walked down the stairs as she rushed up the stairs. As she walked passed me I whispered. “Jin’s in the dean’s office if you’re interested.”
I wouldn’t have even known if she heard me, if she hadn’t gone bright red. I didn’t mean to belittle her, I just thought she’d genuinely want to know where Jin was.
As I made my way to the front I clapped my hands for everyone’s attention. “So, everyone! Long time no see!”
There were murmurs of agreement, before some prick of a student shouted out, “Were you upset about Prof Jin and the temp?”
There were a few gasps and small giggles as I smiled up in the direction of the voice, even though I wanted to kill its owner. “No, not at all. What is there to be jealous of? Although he does have more in depth knowledge of chemistry than your average joe...maybe that’s why she fell for him.”
There were hoots of laughter, as I smiled widely at the class. I missed them. The only one who wasn’t laughing was Namjoon’s neighbour...that girl he had...Well, I didn’t want to think about it. My eyes scanned the back row, to look at the few names I did know.
There they were. Yoongi. Jungkook. Jimin. That one...what was his name?Hosoek? Taehyung. And Namjoon at the end. All laughing. My smile grew.
“Right, before I begin, everyone can have a ten minute break to chat amongst yourselves because you’ve already been here an hour, and if I were you, I’d probably be dead. Plus I need time to set up because”, I looked pointedly at the blank board, “What the hell have you lot been learning for the last hour?”
I heard more laughter and a “Miss y/n rules!” Making me laugh too. I should have done this earlier- just come in and take over the lessons that were rightfully mine.
Who cared about Jin, right?
The chatter ensued as I logged on. While waiting for computer to load, my eyes briefly met Namjoon’s and he winked. I looked away, smiling. Wasn’t going to make it obvious here now, was I?
Ten minutes went quickly, as I was shouting for everyone’s attention in next to no time.
“Right! Listen up! So today, you were supposed to be studying Aldehydes and Ketones...Is that what you were doing before?”
There was a unanimous murmur of ‘no’, and I theatrically rolled my eyes again sending them off again. And with that, I started my lecture. I knew the stuff, but it was hard to make it interesting. So I threw in a few corny jokes here and there, and replied back to witty remarks with even wittier remarks.
The two hours flew bye, as I flopped down in my chair, exhausted. Jin thankfully hadn’t made an appearance, so I assumed he had gone home. Either that or he was still licking the dean’s ass.
A girl walked past with her friend while saying “You are the best teacher- ever!” I gave her a big grin and said “I know.” As the pair walked away giggling, Namjoon appraoched me and asked quietly. “I assume you’re going to stay the rest of the day and finish teaching? I don’ think Jin’s here or he would have made an appearance.”
I nodded, watching everyone file out. “Yeah, I have an hour break now. Gonna tidy up here and see if the dean’s free. Then I’ll probably have to teach.” I looked at him in the eyes. “You staying for your next lecture?”
He sighed, clearly not thrilled at the idea. “Might as well, now I’m here. I’ll see you later, I’ve got a lecture now. Oh, and by the way”, he smirked, “Nicely done.”
“Thank you”, I smirked right back. All of his friends were stood at the back, waiting impatiently. “You should go, your friends are waiting”, I murmured.
“You sure you don’t want me to come to the office with you?” He asked with concern. He was trying to keep quite, but his deep voice was still resonating throughout the entire room. I shook my head assuringly. “I’ll be fine, now go, you’re gonna be late!”
With a final salute he was off. I watched as he walked straight out, his friends following suit. The youngest, Jungkook, gave me a polite smile before he left.
“Didn’t you bring your bag?” I heard Yoongi ask him, but I didn’t catch Namjoon’s response.
I sighed, turning around to collect all the pens, board markers and papers that had been neglected throughout the course of the lecture.
I was almost done, when I heard the door softly click shut behind me. The caretaker was always telling us off for leaving the doors to empty classrooms open, so it was probably her way of passively saying “Bitch, please.”
I rolled my eyes and carried on picking up papers, not even bothering to turn.
That is, until someone cleared their throat.
I turned around, to be met by an angry Jin. Not just angry, he was furious. He was halfway down the stairs, stood there with his hands in his pockets, looking like he wanted to murder me.
When he spoke, it was quiet, but the way he said it, he might as well have yelled.
“How fucking dare you?”
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God dammit Jin, get over it already😤
Jin jin jin JIN ohohoh my lovely jin I will slap u with catnip
haaa I'm glad she did that!! fuck jin! I'm so annoyed by his ass already lol
Woah woah woah Jinny! How fucking dare me?! How fucking dare ME?! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! You sonofabitch!
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