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While Selena Gomez outfit is cute, I wouldn't say it was red carpet appropriate -- especially not for an event such as The Met Gala. While I'm usually a fan of what Selena wears to events, this specific outfit is giving me some serious 'night out with the boyfriend' or 'quick shopping trip in the city' vibes.
Maybe it's just me, but let's keep it real. She couldn't tried a little better. The Louis Vuitton F/2016 gown could've been worn alone. I know she was trying to go with the theme, but something just seems off to me.

What are you thoughts on this look?

Did she slay or should she go away with this specific look?
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@jordanhamilton she usually looks so good to these things. What happened this time! 馃槴
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lol ohhh no! not ronalds wife, hahaha and yeah she has been looking extremely great this year. this wasn't her best attempt at all @stephosorio
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my sentiments exactly lol @MyAffairWith
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Ugh! Lol
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