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When Someone Tells Me "You Can Be Anything You Want"....

And yet it always seems so far out of reach...

Anime: Wagnaria!
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It's all about tables and counter tops in smallville...getting crafty with it to get to the top. It's funny we are all talking about being physically short when the real message is falling short in life haha. I've had more success with being short than life goals. That's for sure. @kpoplover02
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@littlemaryk I know but people are talking about being short, that's why I say it makes me remember playful kiss a kdrama
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That was the first kdrama I've ever watched ♡ "Oh Hani!" is always falling a bit short in life in a hilariously adorable way. I will never forget when she wearing that costume and finger guns him in the ass, attempts to run, trips and is foiled. I laughed a little too hard at that debacle. @kpoplover02
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@littlemaryk I know, that was my first kdrama too. I laughed so hard while watching it.
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