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EXO D.O Fanfiction: Dream Come True

Little Message:
Thank you soooo much for reading my little fanfiction!!! I am having a lot of fun writing and seeing the feed back!
Incase you missed some past chapters i got u:


After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 6

(Renesmay .Prov)
He lent his hand out for me to grab. I took it and stood up wiping the left over tears of my face. I felt disgusted that im even crying over that bastard.
I was on the step above the one he was which made us face to face. We were close but somehow it wasnt uncomfortable. It was warm and felt like home. He started to get closer and embraced me in a hug.
<<....I sorta thought he was gonna kiss me :0.....>>
I buried my face in his shoulder. His warmth protected me from the cold breeze that surrounded us. I felt as if we were the only ones in the world. He pulled back from the hug and gave me a small smile.
We were about to leave but i had something to do.
I remembered the necklace and ripped it off. i looked at it petting the heart and opened it up. I looked at the picture of us i kept inside it. I chuckled to think that this whole time i have been faithful he has been out with some other lady.
I took the small picture out and threw the necklace into the river. I then remebered seeing a bon fire can thingy. The best idea came to mind.
I looked around and found a lighter.
Reaching into my pocket i took the picture of Patrick and I from our first Christmas together. One of the flyers on the bin i took off and lit it on fire. I threw it inside of the metal bin. I felt the heat come off the flames that were tall and bright.
I looked at the pictures one last time as one tear left my eye. I threw them into the fire. I watched as the pieces of paper disappeared into thin air.
I quickly wiped the tear off my face and smiled happily that this was now over.
I ran back to where Kyungsoo stood. He seemed a bit surprised at what i had done but it was over now and it was time to move on with my life.
We walked closely together our shoulders brushing every once in a while.
"i hope me coming over to the dorms isnt a bother to you guys.." I said
"Dont worry about it... Its not the usual that we have someone over" He said scratching the back of his neck.
I had really gotten to know Kyungsoo as we walked together. It was nice.
We reached the building where the dorms were. The building was tall and grey. Light shone out of the windows on each floor.
Kyungsoo opened the door for me and did one of those cheesy bows and pointed inside the building. I laughed and stepped in.
I had gotten more comfortable with him. He made me really forget about....... nevermind
We went inside the elevator and sat in the silence... the silence is not awkward but more like comfortable. We finally got to the ninth floor <<how ironic XD>>
We walked down the hallways and i just followed behind Kyungsoo.
We reached the door and i watched as he fumbled Through the random keys he had on the key ring. HE finally found the right key and unlocked the door. He didnt open but just turned around to face me
"Are you sure you want to come over? The guys might be really excited..."
"Its okay i think i can handle some guys."
He nodded and opened the door.
He walked in first
"Hellooo! Anybody home??"
Then from the hallway Suho came out doing the mom jog.
He stopped when he saw me and my red eyes. A look of worry rushed on his face.
"Are u okay?" he said in a mother like voice. He put his arm around my shoulder and led me to the coach to sit down. I nodded my head and Suho looked up to Kyungsoo.
"Im gonna go make some dinner, Suho can u help me please." Kyungsoo said already walking towards the kitchen.
Suho gave a nod and stood up.Before leaving the room he patted my back and gave me a small smile. It sorta help me feel better.
I also appreciated Kyungsoo trying to get my mind off things. i mean i just met the guy less than 24 hours ago and they have already done so much for me!

Kyungsoo Prov.

I asked for Suho to help me cook which i am going to do but i just wanted Renesmay to have some time alone.
"Kyungsoo what's wrong with Renesmay?"
"She has had a long day" I guess i needed to extend my answer and be more specific seeing that Suho was standing there with an 'ANNNNDD' face.
"She had a fiance she didnt tell us about an-"
"Oh are you okay Kyungsoo? I mean if i remember correctly, the description of the girl from 7 elleven pretty much matches up to Renesmay to the dot."
"Ya im fine but thats not the point..." I remebered the horrible feeling i felt in my gut when she said the words...'Ya...He is my Fiance' My heart had shattered at those words. But my anger was stronger when I saw the tear on Renesmay's cheek as it fell from her red eye.
"Anyways turns out the bastard was cheating on her... We ran into him and the other woman"
"Poor Renesmay... How did it all go down?"
I explained the whole story and he seemed to get more worried about Renesmay as i went on but when i told him i had punched Patrick he got a big grin that stretched onto his face
"Im so glad she had you to look after her... Who knows what could have happened!"
I didnt want to think about what would have happened... I just want to think about the future and how she can move on...

Renesmay Prov.

Lost in my thoughts i didnt even notice Chanyeol walk in. I guess he didnt notice me too.
He walked in with his headphones on blast where i could even hear the music. He walked out with his head down back into the dark hallway.
<< Huh, he really didnt notice me>>
Less than ten seconds later he walked backwards taking his earphones out and did a double take. He slowly walked over as if a secret agent on an important mission towards the couch i was sitting on. He slowly poked his head from the side of board of the coach examining my face. Once he realized it was me he calmed down and stood up straight. I chuckled at the way he had entered the room.
Though he had relaxed knowing it was me he was quite confused.
"hey...." i said first.
"Hey! Whats going on?" He said with clear concern on his face.
"oh you know... found out my fiance was cheating on me... the usual~" i said looking down. I didnt want to bring the mood down so i tried to change the subject.
"Anyways, where are the others?"
"Oh they are in their rooms... but Renesmay are you ok?"
I looked down as i replayed everything in my head... You know what
Im not gonna waste my tears on some bastard who couldnt see what he was missing... I was too good for him I was good He was not good enough for me....
I shot my head up
"I think... but ill get better for sure!"
All my pep talk and that came out. Yes i was hurting but i need to be strong!
"Ill call the guys to come say hey! So dont move...." he said jogging towards the dark hallway. Suddenly i heard
"GUUUUUYSSSS WE HAAAAVEEE COOOMMPAAANYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i tried to hold in my chuckle at how childish it sounded.

Chanyeol's Prov.

I walked into the room listening to Fire by BTS. The dongsaengs are doing really well!
Grabbed a coke out of the fridge and walked back looking at my phone. But something was weird.
<<What is it today and things being really Weird????>>
At the corner of my eye i saw a familiar shoe. I processed everything in my head as i walked into the hallway.
Then it hit me... None of the guys have those kind of shoes... I have lived with them over a year... I think i would know what shoes are theirs or not.
i backtracked my steps and started to tip toe to the feminine figure I leaned over to see the face of the person sitting on our lovey, comfy, soft,beautiful.... did I mention comfy..... couch? Anyways as i got closer to seeing the face of this person, I realized who this was
It was Renesmay. She had red puffy eyes and tear streaks on her cheeks. It made me feel so sad..
"hey...." she said.
"Hey whats going on?" I was extremely concerned.
She hinted that her fiance had cheated on her and that made me pissed. In the less than 24 hours i have known Renesmay she was one of the kindest people you could meet. This guy must have really been blind......
She asked where the guys were but i still couldnt get over what the bastard did to her.
"Oh they are in their rooms...But Renesmay are you okay?" I really wanted to make sure she was okay. "I think.....But i will get better soon."
I think......I think... those words rang in my ears.... I didnt like it....
But i didnt want her to feel sadder so i decided to get the guys.
"Ill get the guys.... dont move!"
Before they got out i had to tell them what had happened.
"Renesmay this might take a minute!"
I needed to make some time.
I texted in the group chat I created:
PCY: Guys... Renesmay had something happen to her and its our job to cheer her up...
Bae: What happened????
Chen: Is she alright??
PYC: so i know we all thought she was single....
Lay: She lied..... didnt she :/
PYC: thats besides the point... well she was engaged... emphasis on WAS
Kai: annnnddd.....
PYC: while Kyungsoo was walking her home... they ran into the bastard... with some other woman
Xuimin: NOOOOO our poor Renesmay must be so hurt! I wish we could see her to comfort her
Sehun: Yah! I just want to find the bastard and teach him a lesson!!!!
PYC: Well guys Renesmay isnt that far away.... in fact she is in the living room! But before u guys go out we need to cheer her up! No mention of any of this! NOTHING !!!!
Bae: okay... but im still butt hurt that she lied to me.
Lay: oh well we gotta move on
Sehun: Im not mad at all tbh... im more pissed at that bastard......
PYC: guys just try to make her happy thats all i ask
They all agreed and with that all the doors opened simultaneously. They ran into the living room excited and full of energy!

Renesmay Prov.

I sat on the couch in the silence. Suddenly i felt the floor rumble. I was surrounded by tall beautiful men. They all hugged me some sat next to me wrapping their arms around my waist or my shoulder. In the end Baekhyun ( the member besides Chanyeol and Kyungsoo i had gotten really close to) had his arm on my waist keeping me close to him. I didnt think much about it because we were just friends! In high school it wasnt a big deal when my guy friends did this or put their arm over my shoulder.
Then on the other side of me sat Kai with his arm around my shoulder. I looked over to Kai and see him smirk. It made my cheeks warm up... that was my weakness...
I quickly looked away and tried to forget about it.
It had been a while since Suho and Kyungsoo so I excused myself and went to check in the kitchen.
"How's dinner going?" I said leaning on the pillar.
"Almost done! Come here try some... i need to make sure it tastes good" Suho said with a smile on his face. He picked up the piece of beef and a piece of carrot. He lifted it to his lips as he blew on it. Suho looked up as if asking if he was over doing it
"I dont care" He smiled and blew on the beef once more and touched it to his lips making sure it wasnt to hot.
He them lifted it to my mouth and i gladly ate the food. He retracted the chopsticks and licked the rest of the sauce off each one, smiling to himself on how good it tasted.
<<I know i said it was okay but he got comfortable really fast>>
I smiled at myself as i took in how good it tasted. Kyungsoo called me over to try the rest of the stuff. He dipped the spoon inside the dipping sauce and lifted it up to my lips. i sipped the liquid and felt all the tingles of the flavor take over. Kyungsoo grabbed another spoonfull of the sauce and brought it up to his lips bringing the whole spoon in his mouth and when it came out it was clean.
"But i thought you dont like sharing utensils...." Suho whispered trying to only let Kyungsoo hear but i heard loud and clear. My cheeks started to get hot... i looked up to see Kyungsoo send a glare at Suho as his cheeks were pink.
"Its okay I dont mind" i said chuckling a bit. Kyungsoo's glare softened and his cheeks got brighter. He looked down and smiled to himself. He moved on to the next two repeating what he had done with the first one. I complimented him on his skills and he gave me a big smile.
"im gonna head back! Call us when your done!"
"will do!" Suho responded not looking at me because of how focused he was in his cutting but i saw the small smile.
I walked back to see Chanyeol was sitting in my spot.
I looked at him thinking he would move but he just smiled.
"hey i was sitting there!" i said playfully
"I didnt see your name on it" he said with a smirk starting a play fight.
"You'll regret it!!!!!" I threatened not really knowing what i would do but i would come up with it.
"Oh ya what are u gonna do about it??" he said.
"Are u sure???"
"Oooooo im so scared!!!" he said exaggerating. Then i spur of the moment jumped on his lap. He didnt seem affected so i started tickling him.
He started to turn red as he tried to hold back his laughs. At this point i was practically straddling him trying to get him to break. Suddenly he broke and started to move wildly. I loosened my grip making me tilt and fall on top of Kai. He tasered me on my side making me fall off the couch laughing. The rest of the guys laughed when i hit the floor.
Suho poked his head in.
"Renesmay i checked the traffic for you to get home later but there is alot of traffic plus its really dark for anyone to walk... Do you mind staying over the night? I mean if you dont feel comfortable staying here thats understandable. We will drive you and you can sleep in the ca-"
"No its okay i dont mind."
The boys seemed to have mixed feelings about my response. Excited yet shocked.
"Okay you can borrow some clothes from the boys... again if you dont mind!"
"you guys are like my brothers! Of course i dont mind" i smiled and asked if i could shower. Kyungsoo offered his shower for me to take a shower in which i gladly accepted.
He showed me where the towels were and if i wanted to change i could change into some of his clothes. I thanked him and he turned and closed the door.
This was crazy!!!!!!!
I got into the shower and did my thang....
I got out of the shower with my towel wrapped around myself i went through Kyungsoo's drawers and picked up a shirt. Luckily i had forgotten to empty my purse last time i went to go play volleyball. Ya i play volleyball in my free time!
I took out my spandex form there so i could have something to cover up. I then put the tshirt over my head. It was really big but it was really short.
<<Its okay i mean they are all older than me but We are like brother and sister...>>
I opened the door and headed down to the living room. Makeup free just me.
I walked in and all their heads went straight to looking at me. Some stared some blushed and others quickly looked away. I suddenly felt really self cautious.
Suho cleared his throat making the boys go back to what they were doing and looked at me and smiled. He called everyone over to eat.
We sat down and had laughs and everyone had a good time.
The night was coming to an end. Me and Baekhyun had gotten back on the couch in the same position as last time. Chanyeol had joined us too! Then all the boys came and sat with us to enjoy a sad movie.
Baekhyun had snaked his hand around my waist as we watched the commercials before the movie. Chanyeol got up and sat on the other couch with Kyungsoo who was staring. Staring at me and Baekhyun. It was a bit odd. He looked like he wanted to kill Baekhyun.
I ignored it as someone sat next to me.

And that someone was......

Thank you for reading!!!! I will probably post another chapter very very soon!!!!
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