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Just look at the image above for the answer to the title question. I'm generally fond of two properties I enjoy mixing together and making one great thing but the way Star Wars looks with a Ghibli-esque art style is something I can't describe.
Part of me wishes that I could watch the movies this way, while another part of me is just happy with the still images. Artist Lap Pun Cheung put these two amazing universes together and drew key scenes from the Star Wars universe through the Ghibli lens and they all look amazing.
There's something about this scene from Episode 1 that Cheung reimagined that I really, really enjoy. Instead of having Darth Maul be a weird alien thing like he is in the movies, it's obvious that instead he's just wearing a scary mask. And that fits within the realm of the Ghibli films (at least in my opinion anyway).
It makes me wonder what he'd do with a lot of the other alien characters in the Star Wars Universe. Almost all of the images look like screenshots instead of static images and if you want to see more of Cheung's work you can do so here.
It looks a bit like Avatar, to me. But pretty cool.
I always like to imagine my favorite movie or TV show as an animated feature with different art styles. This is just awesome!