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“Why is this the only way we get along?” he pants in your ear.
“It’s good, but it’s not enough to base a relationship on. Oh yeah, we aren’t in a relationship.” You try to pull away but he tightens his grip more. “I told you we’re dating, drunk or not I confessed.”
You manage to gain an inch so you can breathe. “You called me an American slut – more than once, and you don’t even remember being drunk, let alone how you got to my house. One date. One date does not count as plural; ‘dating’ requires a more than once event. Please, let me go.”
“Fine, we’ll leave here and go out.” He grabs your hand and starts heading towards the entrance. You pull back to stop him mid-way, “No! I’m here with Moonie; you just can’t barge in and take things over because you aren’t happy with them!”
You can see Jak turn and start paying attention to the two of you. You can’t see Moonie but are pretty sure you have everyone’s attention. “I don’t want a scene, just let me go.”
He looks hurt but releases your hand and allows you to walk back over to where Moonie is. As you grab your stuff, he can see the tears in your eyes and enfolds you in his embrace. “Oh baby girl, I didn’t realize. I’m sorry, we’ll all leave.” You shake your head, “You guys came to be with friends, I’ll be fine.” Unseen by anyone else, Moonie slips his house key into your hand. “He won’t find you there. I have plans elsewhere tonight.” He glances over your head, then leans down and adds, “My car keys are on there too. I’ll see you on the set tomorrow.”
You stop to tell Jak where you’ll be, and ask her to bring you by an outfit in the morning. You look around franticly having no idea where he went; you’re just hoping he isn’t waiting out in the parking lot.
Half an hour after you arrive at Moonies the first text arrives.
MJA: Are you running from me again? We can’t solve this if you run away.
At the bowling alley Kyungil approaches Jak and Jiyong. “Jak, do you know where she went?”
Jak turns all sugary sweet sass, “Oh, hi Ill. How are you? Ji had a great trip, thanks for asking.” Jak faces him down, all 5 ft 2 inches to his 6 feet. “What did you do to her this time?”
He looks exasperated down at Jak, runs a hand through his hair and looks to Jiyong for help. Ji just raises an eyebrow at him, shrugs, and smirks. He raises his hands to him in supplication but Ji just shakes his head, “You poked her, I’ll stop her before she does any damage to you.”
Jak rounds on Jiyong, “Stop me?! Why would you stop me?! He’s being a total jackass!”
Jiyong smiles, cups her face, and steps closer; “Honey, I like you feisty remember? But he isn’t me, I’m not sure he’d survive you.” He looks over Jak’s shoulder with a pointed look at Kyungil as he kisses her on the neck.
Jak turns back around and Jiyong steps up close behind her.
His face is pleading as he asks, “I went by your apartment; no one is answering the door. Is she there and just ignoring me?”
“I wouldn’t blame her if she was but no, she didn’t go home.” He just stands and stares at her while unflinchingly she stares back. “What? If you expect me to tell you where she went you’re insane.” Jiyong’s arm snakes around Jak’s waist and pulls her against him.
Anger replaces the hurt as he spews at her, “Are you feeding her lies about me Jak? Is that the problem? And here I thought we were friends!”
If Jiyong’s arm hadn’t been around her waist she would have successfully lunged at him, “Me? It’s not my fault your communications skills are worse than a deaf man with laryngitis! I’ve actually told her this isn’t like you, that she should give you chance after chance but I’m beginning to rethink that. Especially if you’ve now decided that I’m to blame for your bad manners! You’re lucky Ji’s here or you would be DEAD right now friends or not!!!!”
Jiyong moves around to the front of Jak, “Did you try texting her?”
Kyungil nods, “All day. Apparently I can’t get that right either.”
Jak starts hopping up and down to see over Ji’s shoulder; “Telling someone she looks like shit is not a compliment!!!!” Ji reaches back and pats her on the bottom, “Shh.” He nods over to Moonie, “Maybe you should go get some refresher points from Moonie. He brought her tonight, I’m sure he has some ideas for you.”
You receive a text from Jak about an hour after the first one from Kyungil.
JAK: Are you okay? Do you want me to fight him? I’ll fight him!! You know I will, I just have to find a way past Ji.
YOU: ♥ No, don’t fight him. I’m fine. I’m just really confused and sad.
JAK: I think that makes 2 of you. Are you sure you aren’t just overreacting because of your dream?
JAK: He’s looking everywhere for you, he’s even been to the apartment. I’ll totally do what you want.
YOU: Please don’t tell him where I am.
JAK: I think the two of you need to talk.
YOU: That’s the problem Jak! We don’t talk, we kiss and make-out, everything there is great. But when we talk he ends up insulting me or twisting my words. I don’t know what to do about it, if there is even anything to do.
JAK: Okay, well I’m headed to Ji’s. I’ll text you on my way over in the morning with your clothes.
YOU: Thanks, I’d say have a good night but…lol.
JAK: It’s not necessary, it will be!
The texts have been coming in all evening.
MJA: We need to discuss this, where are you?
MJA: I know this is fixable, please tell me where you are.
MJA: [YN]-ah, I’m trying, please.
MJA: Do I need to send you drunk texts from a bar to get you to respond?
MJA: That was the best night ever, waking up and finding out you weren’t a dream.
His texts are beginning to hit their mark. It isn’t that you don’t like him, you like him too much. When you’d dreamed that you’d confessed to each other it was perfect. It felt so real, it was so close to things he had said when he was drunk. To come from that dream and have reality hit you in the face, with him not being able to say anything without insulting you has left you reeling. You want to give in, is it possible to see past the insults and find their true meaning or are they just another illusion too?
Comparing his communication skills to that of a blind man with laryngitis... Priceless!!!ROFL!!😂😂 Having a friend that would jump over her man to fight a jackass for you is truly a life long friend and sister!! Love Jak!💖💖 And Moonie love to too for giving me a place to hide and think!
Gah the feels......
ugh why can't we work it out!? I'm totally ok with this making out stuff but we need to talk...
Wow, I think I keep running because this could be something real. How scary is that?!
see past it lol
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