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Youtuber KangasKid18 has worked his damndest to get every single shiny Pokemon in existence. The entire process took him around 2 years and hundreds of thousands of hours of soft resetting and grinding relentlessly for the ever-elusive shiny Pokemon in every generation of the game.
KangasKid18, (or Robert Meehan in real-person talk) spoke to Kotaku about the process of hunting all these shinies down and the considerable amount of work that went into the endeavor.
Of course, this wasn't necessarily an easy undertaking. Meehan ran into some troubles, particularly after losing a shiny.
“The worst losses are in the old games, where the odds [of finding a shiny] are 1/8192,” Meehan said. “I soft reset over a Shiny Rayquaza, and it took me forever to find another. When I finally found a second one the damn thing wouldn’t get caught and ended up Struggling to death. Finally caught it on the third try, but it’s so heartbreaking to have this super long hunt and just have it blow up in your face.”
I've personally never even encountered a shiny (aside from Red Gyarados) in any of my playthroughs in any of the Pokemon titles I played. To concieve of finding them all sounds like crazy talk to me.
But the crazy ones are the ones that get after it and accomplish it.
i'm an idiot.
KangasKid? More like I KanGuessAllThesePokidmon.
@CollinShipley Yes and No,, it's hard to say because while it is part of generation 1 , it doesn't really appear in the game at all in the generation 1 games ,,when I say it doesn't appear I meant Mew won't show up in the PokeDex at all
isn't mew generation 1