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First time to the Fanfiction? Here's the INTRO.
He placed a peck on my nose. "Good morning, beautiful," Jin says snuggling me against him. "Good morning, Oppa," I replied. “I've missed you, (Y/n)" he said before giving me another sweet peck, but my lips this time. I smiled feeling a sence of relief and joy all together. "I've missed you more, Oppa." I giggled a little. We've had very little time together since we started dating two months ago and we aren't allow to go public yet because of our debuts. "Guess what?" Jin asked excitedly. "What?" I asked curiously. "Our manager gave us a few days off." "That sounds great, Oppa. So did ours..." I said trailing off, not wanting to tell him the reason we have a few days off is because I twisted and spranged my ankle. No one knows, but my group, GFY (Girls Forever Young), and I had told them not to mention it to anybody. Suddenly we both heard the fire alarm starting to go off and we started to smell smoke. We both jumped up and ran down to the kitchen where everyone was putting out a fire that was our breakfast. My worried mom, Jin, was freaking out and scolding Jongkook, who was trying to be nice and make everyone breakfast. I started to giggle at the sight of Jin, but he really started to lay into Kookie. "Jin, JIN! Calm down. No one got hurt," I screamed over his voice. "I'm sorry," Kookie apologized. Jin sighed and began to clean up the burnt chard. When I went to go help him, Kookie said "Thank you." In my ear as he escaped, I nodded and began to clean with Jin. " (Y/n), you don't have to help me," Jin said. " But I want to help," I replied. Now that everyone was all gathered together because of the unfortunate incident, I had the overwhelming feeling that it felt like old times when we were training together. I went off into a my memories. Now that we have all debuted we can't spend that much time together. It was a suprise we both got a day off, a blessing or an omen? I didn't know and I didn't want to lose my time with them at the moment, especially, Jin. Namjoon finally called my attention, pulling me out of my memory. "Hey, (Y/n), your ankle feeling any better?" I stopped in my tracks and so did Jin. I looked up and see Jin looking at me concerned. I gave Namjoon a dirty look because I knew what was about to happen next. "What is he talking about?" I winced because I hated when he got like this. "Did you hurt your ankle?" "It's just a sprain." I replied weakly under my breath trying to drop the subject. I could feel him about to have at me, but surprisingly he didn't. What he did do was grab my arm and pulled me toward the couch and sat me down. "Don't get up, okay," when Jin left the room. I gave Namjoon another dirty look. "Who told you?!" I asked angrily. "No, one..." "Spill or you will get twice as much punishment." Namjoon winked at me, but before I could lay him into him again, Jin walks back in with a stool and a pillow. "Which ankle is it?" I pointed to my right ankle and he kneeled down. He lifted up my foot put the stool down with the pillow on top of it and placed my foot on it. "Please don't hid anything from me anymore," he said with his eyes pleading. I nodded and he bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. I blush. I hated when he did this infront of the boys. It made me shy away. Jin walked into the kitchen again, starting breakfast his way. "Yahhh, pabo, if you hear anything like this happening again, you let me know." Jin yelled directing it towards the boys. "Yes, mama Jin," they all replied in unison. I giggled, it has been to long time since I've seen them. I not only missed Jin, but also the rest of the boys. Their conversations continued as usual. The boys talked about girls, music and etc. As we waited for Jin to be done, Jungkook called my attention to him. I looked over and he had his phone out. He showed me videos of cute dogs and cats doing funny things. I laughed along with him. Suddenly I felt something cold on my ankle which eased the pain. I looked to see that Jin was the one that set the ice pack on my ankle. It wasn't the only icy cool thing that was in the house because Jin was giving Namjoon and Kookie dirty looks. Kookie got the hint and moved away from me. Jin took Kookies spot. He sat there waiting for the toast to pop up before getting up again. Breakfast was finaly finished being cooked and just like how breakfast started, it had slowly dwindled to a stop. I decided to leave because of Jins behavior towards the boys today. It being our day off, I wanted to stay with them, but knowing Jin I would be sitting on the couch all day. I couldn't stay still. I wanted to dance again. As I started to walk back towards my dorm, my feet took me to somewhere else. As I finally looked up. I see the dance floor in front of me. I smiled at my old friend. It had seen me as a trainee up until I debuted. Dancing had been my life from the beginning, I felt tence, ansty and unnatural when I didn't dance for a long period of time. I looked at the radio over off to the side. Wanting to just dance to it one last time before I let my ankle heal all the way. "Here goes nothing!" I said to myself throwning my jacket to the ground. I started the mix tape and began to dance. It felt great to get this stress that was building in my chest. As my body moved, my mine went else were. Namjoon had been getting more frequent with his flirting lately. Which bothered me. When I started dating Jin, Namjoon got me alone one day and confessed to me. Of courese I didn't want to break his heart, but I had to turn him down. If Jin had found out that he had like me, he would either have done two options: 1. Got in a fight or 2. Broken it off with me. I knew he wont wan to come 'in between us', which was absurd. I have never had feelings for Namjoon, or I think I didn't... Anyways ...I didn't want either of those to happen. Althought I do care for both, I chose Jin for a good reason... Suddenly I lost my balance as I was dancing and heard a loud popping sound when I fell. I then screamed in pain... My vision began to get blurry as I lay on the floor crying. "(Y/N)? (Y/N)!?" a voice called as my eyes slowly drifted shut.
WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! Stay tuned to find out... Who is the mysterious person calling for you? Was it Jin? Was it someone else from the BTS? Or was it one of the members of GYF? TAG LIST: @dchapple45 @SindyHernandez @janellym123 Want to be tagged in? Have a request for what chapter or for how comes next? <For example: Jin Part 2 next or one of the other boys next> Let me know in the comments (If you only want to get tagged in for specific character or be untagged let me know in the comments as well) I will try my hardest to get Kookie's Part one out next Wednesday 5/11/16, but I can't promise for sure because of finals coming up. Thanks for Reading I hoped you enjoyed ~Luna (credits to the owners of the gifs)
I've already started writing part one for Jungkook and I'm almost finished, so that might be out early. Then I will work on Jin part 2 @JaxomB
Jin pt 2
okay yeah and my computer was spelling Namjook through most of it too. lol I think I fix it all though
yeah I know my computer keeps spell correcting me and its making me upset so I just left it for now so I could figure it out how to fix my corrections later
I hope Jin is the mysterious person *€* I dont wanna end up with Namjoon at the end of this xD Tag me for all the members please *^*
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