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If you love coconut water or anything coconut, you will love this coconut water face mists. Face mists are definitely on the come up in the beauty department and they will definitely happen to come in handy this summer. You can either use them before applying your makeup or even on those days when you need a quick refresher.
There are several face mists on the market, but something about anything coconut inspired is just a major yes. Because why not? While this product currently only has one review on Anthropologie, the review is an amazing one and I'm pretty sure, once you read it you will want to invest in this product as soon as possible. Keep scrolling to check out the deets on the product below.

Facial Mist Ingredients:

- coconut water
- aloe vera water
- witch hazel
- dead sea salt
- coconut oil
- honeysuckle
- essential oils

According to Anthropologie:

'Ethically sourced, organic ingredients such as aloe vera water, honeysuckle and coconut oil provide antioxidants and antibacterial hydration for all skin types.'

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great!!!! me too! @MyAffairWith
Yes!!! I'd definitely try it!!