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Ever since I found myself with more free time than I know what to do with, I started watching a bunch of settlement building videos on YouTube for Fallout 4. I mostly just check them out because I tend to find some ideas that I can do within my own settlements even if it's as small as seeing how to place foundation blocks or make walls snap together properly.
Last night while I was searching for this stuff, I found this 45 minute video where you can see all of this place known as Fortress Sanctuary. And honestly, it's one of the more ridiculous builds I've seen to date.
The guy goes so far that he even places props inside his buildings so they all look "lived in" or they look like the NPCs actually use them. One of the more important things to note about this build is that he's playing on PC so he used mods for some of the structures as well as allowing him to build well past the build limit set by the game.
It's a lot of stuff but it's well thought out and looks amazing. He really does achieve making a settlement look like one you'd actually stumble across in the Wasteland instead of one that was just sloppily put together by some random player (aka me). Let me know what you think of the Fortress in the comments below!