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WARNING: Language and violence... as of now that is all I know for sure will let you know if there are other things to watch out for...
Also... this is a FANFICTION. In no way do my characters personalities actually match the real group of 2PM. I do not know them personally so I do not know how they actually act. Please keep in mind this story is fiction and if you do not like the way I have portrayed your bias I apologize. Thank you!
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“What? Not every day you wake up with a strange naked woman in your bed I assume?”
Jun K’s face turned bright red and he nodded slightly. “What is all the commotion about?” Junho pushed his way into the room and stared at Zara. “Who is she? Who are you?” He turned from JunK to Zara herself.
“Oh, how rude of me.” She stuck out her hand and smiled brightly. “My name is Zara, but you can continue to call me Princess.”
A look of confusion passed over Junho’s face. “What?”
Zara slowly stood up and made her way over closer to the boys blocking the door. “You named me Princess, but personally I prefer Zara.” She pushed herself up onto her toes so she was a bit closer to the boys’ height.
“Oh! You have purple eyes! Just like Prin…….” Junho stopped midsentence and looked at Zara even more confused.
“Well it has been a blast, but I have to get back to work now. IF you will excuse me.” She gently…. Well I guess gently wasn’t the right word. She more or less shoved JunK and Junho causing the latter to land with a soft thud on his butt outside of the bedroom door.
She sauntered towards the front door in an attempt to escape before she had to cause more problems for these poor human boys. “Wait! You can’t just leave without explaining why you are here.” Nickhyun…. She rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue.
“I do not remember ‘taking orders from human boys’ being a part of my job description. Just forget I was here and go back to your hyper happy little selves hmm?” She turned to look slightly over her shoulder at the gathering crowd of boys. In all of her years as an assassin she had never been in this kind of situation before. No human has ever figured out her secret…. Well any that lived to tell about it, but if these boys really were idols there was no way she could just get rid of them. The whole world would be in a frenzy if they disappeared. Her best bet was to get away before they put two and two together.
She turned back towards the door and took another step. That is when it happened. The room started to spin, all details of her surroundings were nothing more than mere colored streaks. The pain started as a muddled throb in her temple but quickly spread through her head like a pounding drum. With every beat of pain her body was slowly engulfed. “No,no,no… not now.” She breathed before crumpling to the floor. Zara was vaguely aware of the boys’ panicked state as they rushed forward to figure out what has wrong with her. “Get away.” She hissed gently. She didn’t want them to see her in this state. It could very well ruin everything. If they saw her change and tried to turn her over to some kind of science lab… or worse… Nick. She would be doomed. She let out a whimper as her forearms broke and twisted, her spine also bent at a strange angle.
“What the hell?” Taecyeon breathed as the boys watched in horror.
Her legs curled into her body and she let out a small scream that quickly turned more into a cat’s hiss as she entered the final stage of changing.
Confusion, fear, and disbelief were the looks she received when she looked back up at the boys. It had happened… she had finally changed in front of humans. This was going to be a problem but she would deal with it later. Right now, she was more interested in why she was a kitten again. In all of the books she had read about the serum no one had ever mentioned such a side effect as switching back and forth between human and animal after taking it.
“You’re a cat!” She wasn’t sure who exactly had stated the fact but she did hear the arguments that erupted after. Some involved calling the military, others throwing her outside, some said she should be locked in a cage until they could prove she could change back and forth, but the one that made her blink twice was the man that walked up and scooped her up into his arms and glared at the others. “I refuse to do that.” Junho. She had suspected he would be the one to understand over the others. He had noticed her purple eyes before and she had some kind of suspicion that he had figured it out then.
“She isn’t normal Junho.” JunK finally spoke up. “It’s not normal for someone to change into a cat.”
“I know, but she has been living with us for days and she hasn’t killed us in our sleep or tried to scratch out our eyes.” Zara smirked inwardly… she might not have done it but she had thought about it.
“If she can change back into human then why pretend to be a cat and stay with us?” Nickhyun asked.
“You saw her. I don’t think she can control it.” Junho looked down at her with a pathetic look that made her insides crawl. Oh there was no doubt in her mind that just defanging Nick was not nearly enough of a punishment. She was going to make sure his death was slow and painful. “You saw how she tried to leave. If she had wanted to stay and was able to change forms at will she never would have changed back into a human and gotten caught.”
“Fine.” She looked up at the growl like response of JunK. “You want to keep her? Fine, but keep her away from me or I will feed her to the dogs.”
Zara involuntarily hissed at JunK. She was feeling conflicted. On one hand she needed to stay out of sight and away from Nick until she was back to normal, but how does a shifter live in a house with a bunch of male idols, especially when one of them hates her enough to feed her to a dog?
The new place wasn’t that bad. It was not the palace Nick had lived in before but it was still bigger than anything Nara would have personally picked out. The security guard swore up and down that his system was impenetrable and that no one would be able to get into the house without his knowing. This only made Nara snort. The security guard apparently didn’t know about all things supernatural and he sure didn’t know Zara. If she wanted in… she was going to get in.
Nara walked around the house analyzing escape routes and entrances just like Zara had taught her years ago. Even if she didn’t want to admit it out loud, Nara knew that everything she had learned that had gotten her into the gang in the first place was all from Zara.
No one knew how the serum would effect Zara, so there was no telling where or how she would eventually attack. What did they know? Well they knew that she WAS coming, and anyone in the way when she got there would just be counted as a casualty. Nara watched as maids, servants, even the drivers all watched over their shoulders. How they would flinch every time someone walked around a corner. She couldn’t help but be amused. These people might not have visually seen her sisters work, but none of them were stupid. They knew Zara would be angry and she would retaliate.
Nick had been too busy trying to add more security to his own personal entourage that he had forgotten to get Nara started on training. She found it funny that he would put his faith in the pathetic vampire minions he hired when in reality the only person that had any chance of stopping Zara was Nara.
Something must have happened. Zara was strong and no one was able to hold her down for long, but it had been almost three days since she had stabbed her sister in the back and Nara didn’t understand why she hadn’t come yet. Zara was fond of mind games so Nara wouldn’t be surprised if her older sister was putting together some kind of plan to make them all suffer mentally before she swooped in and killed them all. Nara chuckled. If that was how her sister wanted to play, then fine. She would take the time to practice so she would be able to face her sister when she arrived.
With an ear piercing scream Nara changed forms. Where the once pink haired girl stood was now an angry leopard. With a loud cry she took off at a run. Only stopping when she noticed one of Nick’s new bodyguards. If he was going to forget to get her a trainer, then she would make due with hunting his hired help. With a hiss she took off at a run leaping into the air and quickly taking down the unsuspecting vampire.
...... IM BACK!!! Finals are over and I am sick... But I decided that I would give you all a little chapter for being so patient with me. I apologize that this chapter isn't all that great, but I will make it up to you all!....
On a positive note... I have officially started season two of Diamonds. I will not be posting any of the chapters until I have finished it.... also a good way for me to keep up on writing They Call Me a Monster and Ice Princess. I can however.... give you a little sneak peak... IF I get enough people who want a sneak peak/teaser about Diamonds I will post one... otherwise you will all just have to wait until I am ready to start posting it.
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