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We've all suffered from anxiety at least once.

Okay, fine. We've all suffered from anxiety more than once. Whether we're anxious about passing that really important exam or anxious about how that guy we're crushing on will reply to our text, it happens. Sometimes anxiety can be so crucial it can make you sick. That's when you have to tell yourself to relax and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that's not enough.
In the absolutely laugh worthy video shown by Buzzfeed, you will get to see what life would be like if your anxiety had the ability of giving you a [not so friendly] pep talk every now and then. You thought that guy who won't stop texting you is annoying, wait until you see the video below. You will be ready to kiss anxiety goodbye for good.

Do you find yourself getting anxious easily?

@YumiMiyazaki Same here.
Yes. all the time. I'm even anxious when I don't have anything to to be anxious about because I think I'm forgetting something important
@Arellano1052 smart man lol
Like, it was the first and only time I've ever gone to dinner with parents. Which I consider a huge deal. I just wanted to clarify that I don't go to dinner with a person I'm "talking to" and their parents all the time haha
Not really... It takes a lot to faze me. Haha I mean, before, talking to people would get me nervous. But I'm over that for years now lol Um... I felt a little nervous when I went to dinner with a person and her parents. But it wasn't freaking me out, nor did it hinder me at all haha Just... Plain old nervousness. Nothing remotely incapacitating or shortness of breath or rapid heartbeat, etc. I can't really think of anything else haha
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