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We've all suffered from anxiety at least once.

Okay, fine. We've all suffered from anxiety more than once. Whether we're anxious about passing that really important exam or anxious about how that guy we're crushing on will reply to our text, it happens. Sometimes anxiety can be so crucial it can make you sick. That's when you have to tell yourself to relax and take a deep breathe. Sometimes that's not enough.
In the absolutely laugh worthy video shown by Buzzfeed, you will get to see what life would be like if your anxiety had the ability of giving you a [not so friendly] pep talk every now and then. You thought that guy who won't stop texting you is annoying, wait until you see the video below. You will be ready to kiss anxiety goodbye for good.

Do you find yourself getting anxious easily?

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@jordanhamilton Hm... Just asking... What are you thoughts about the phrase "Ignorance is bliss"? Ignorance isn't necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion. Well, forced ignorance and habitual ignorance or... or.... arrogant ignorance are, if that makes sense. It's okay to not know things, and some things, just maybe, you shouldn't know until certain stages in your life. I don't believe you should learn things at ages that there's no relevance of. I think maturing too quickly is not always a beneficial thing. While knowledge is by no means a bad thing, I think there's a time and place for such things, you know?
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haha, very true lol almost forgot about that feature @AlexanderBeta
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I honestly never quite understood that saying. like how can ignorance possibly be blissful? I guess in a way, ignorance can open your eyes to situations and people and in a way that can be blissful because you're learning what you didn't know. if that makes sense, but on the flip side to this day I still don't get it @Arellano1052 I agree with you though, there's def a time and a place for certain situations
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Yeah smh
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Yes. I'm 92 percent anxious all the time. Like, literally all the time. And sometimes, when there's nothing to be anxious about, I get even more anxious because I think I'm forgetting something. I'm 26 with streaks of gray hair because I'm always stressing about nothing but I can't help it.
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