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Fire fist. the brother we all know very well and love
SonLuffy it is I'll add you now NAKAMA!!
you got me at Sonluffy but they are both good suggestions
@DevilsSon also it won't be like your name changes it'll just be your nickname under the Op community when people see the mod members so you won't have to worry about it being a big deal NAKAMA!! Just something fun to mess around with. Unfortunately I don't get one since mine says moderator since I'm the main mod guy but I like luffynewman anyways since it is my name for reals too.
@DevilsSon alright I can do that or maybe something like devilsfruit or SonLuffy?? Or whoever your fav Op character is I can use that or add devil before it like devilluffy or devilsanji n so forth!! Kinda cliche but just trying to do OP themed. Let me know if any of those work or I can just go with your name, kinda like devilsfruiteater for some reason just sounds super cool!! Haha maybe just me tho
@LuffyNewman that's fine or you if you can come up with one that's also fine...I'm not good at nicknames
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