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So I was reading a Suga Fanfiction But I can't remember the name........ Basically Suga had been cheating on the character with her roommate and then the character finds out rushes out and is them comforted by Taehyung. WHAT IS THE NAME?????? I really can't remember and I really want to read it DX If you know what I'm talking about can u plz oh plz tell me the name. Maybe one of you wrote it and I apologize that u forgot but I haven't been up to date with all of the fanfics I have been reading XD Thx peeps Tag List: @mrsjunghoseok @kdsnkjh @danidee @abbyramney @kpopint @unniearmkey @lexxcisco @Sailynn @SarahVanDorn @aliendestina @parktaemi @abby177 @woahdersierra @kpopandkimchi @mrsbangyongguk @lovetop @jackieg1617 @kwonofakind @cutebabylay @maykrazie @SerenityThao @MelissaGarza @tiffany1922 @jeniseramos @MidnightMadness @JaxomB @sarahdarwish @chelseagarcia @xxxtina @resavlencia @kiinlyr @vkookie47 @sunsetshimmer6 @tinafalcon22 @emilypeacock2 @tinathellama @@emilypeacock @morhilge1441 @may15 @nicolefirerose @kira9404 @sweetbarbie16
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I think the story you're thinking about is called he didn't.
@Gaarita100 @MelissaGarza y'all are saviors XD
http://www.vingle.net/collections/4501864?cshsrc=v here's the link to the while collection
he didn't! it's up to chapter12 thanks for reminding me I need to go read the new chapter