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Yass it's our sweet loving maknae♡

Ello! Taemi here :] I'll say there are some lucky fans out here! A letter Sehun gave to a fan has gone viral online. This comes from EXO's special four-year anniversary event, where each member selects one letter from a fan and writes back to that fan!
Here is the handwritten letter that Sehun wrote to one of the lucky fans. It reads, "Thank you for protecting me from those who criticize me by criticizing them back. I hope you know that if you give to and consider others, those same actions will come directly to me so don't forget to live every day with a kind heart. Fighting." Aww how sweet! c: It would be amazing if one of the EXO members wrote me back too omg xD I would freak out lol.


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aawww he is so sweet that is why he is in my Top3 😍😍😍
2 years ago·Reply
your smiling eyes like sparkling stars hanging on the of my heart every night beautifully
2 years ago·Reply
I would write but idk whet to send so imma stuck
2 years ago·Reply
awww i just love sehunnie ❤❤😘😘 he is soooooooooo sweet kind nd precious
2 years ago·Reply
Gotta love the kid <3 but holy crap he has bad hand writing. I could barely read it. XD
2 years ago·Reply