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I threw a Xiah picture in there just because I could rofl. I stole the above quote off a Netflix movie about an author attempting to write an ending to a story:) I found it fitting.
So each author has their favorite part of the stories, favorite comments made by readers,; for instance; when I was writing the Junho fanfic one day someone wrote ".... that HEFER stole her necklace!" Can I tell you, I laughed so hard I cried, it totally made my day and my daughter and I still quote it. I know we are from all over and I had never heard that before and I was raised on a farm, it is among many priceless comments you guys make. I love it!
I digress, what I would like assistance with is: finding out if there are specific parts of any of my posted stories that you particularly like that I could use as quotes? I wanted to make myself some meme's with quotes from my fan fic's and as the author I'm a little biased and too close. If there aren't any for you, no worries, that gives me something to work towards :).
Thanks to all of you who read my ramblings that I call stories each day :D, it's been really freeing to be able to do this and have the support from you guys.
고맙습니다! 평화 ♥
Let me go look for my favorites and I'll get back to you...there are so many! =)
I know I have favorite quotes, I'll need time to find them but I love your words and I often think "that was such an awesome description/statement/etc." I'll have to get back to you with actual moments though.
oh there were so many... time to make lists!!! ^.^
I know I have some but I'll just have to find them
I didn't tag anyone but think I will add one or two. @ElishaFisher @pharmgirlerin @MaritessSison @HayleyYates @Jinnyrod3 @SindyHernandez