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I need a serious break.

So, I took one. This afternoon I decided to hop on the place and go visit a little spot I fell in love with over the summer called the Chelsea Market. While I'm in the process of being super frugal and saving, spending money wasn't in the forecast -- but I mean, things happen. It's life. If you're not familiar with the market, it's a building full of little shops and restaurants in New York City. A spot where I spent a lot of my free time last summer, I forgot how amazing it was.
While I road the train to my destination, I drifted into deep thought. I looked at the faces around me both young and old -- and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 'I'm getting old', I thought to myself. In less than three months, I'll be 26 and in another four years, I'll be 30.
It literally seems like yesterday I was turning 16. I thought about how short life is and how we live our lives often times sulking about what didn't happen instead of smiling about what did happen. You followed your dreams. You may have stumbled along the way, but you did and that's worth smiling about. Nobody was guaranteed an easy journey, but that's what it makes it all the more beautiful.
Every single time you stumble is yet another chance to dust yourself off and get back off. While my train ride ended up being shorter than I had anticipated, just having the opportunity to disconnect myself for a bit and drift off was exactly what I needed. I exhaled all the negativity in my life and in turn, inhaled positivity. My journey may have ended on the train, but it's just began for my life. I'm young and I may not know what the future holds, but whatever it happens to have in store for me along the way -- I'm up for the challenge.
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You'll be absolutely fine. As someone who is 30 right now, my life when I was 25/26 was so vastly different than the life that I have now. I think so long as you never forget the importance of remaining proactive and focused, you can achieve great things and go great places! Keep it positive, girl. :)
I definitely appreciate the positivity, thank you!!! and I can only imagine how my life will be in 4 years. I'm anticipating the big 30 though @danidee
You're doing good. Just be positive!!!
thank you so much!! :) @MyAffairWith I definitely appreciate your positive words.
@jordanhamilton you're welcome! ^_^