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So, word is getting around that McDonald's is testing their latest creation: Garlic Fries at select franchise locations in the San Francisco Bay area.
As SFB has been ranked the garlic capital of the US, maybe this shouldn't be a surprise.
I love garlic fries, just like the next person. But they need to be made of real potatoes and real garlic. That's not to say that McDonald's isn't using real ingredients...but we've all seen the YT vids of how their proprietary Chicken McNuggets are made. (PUKES!)
Are you ready for supersize halitosis once EVERYONE starts eating these?! Would you eat these?
These haven't made it to LA yet. GAWD, I hope not too!
I'd rather just make them at home. McDonald's fries are already greasy enough!
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But they are so good (regular mcd fries, that is)
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