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After meeting GD at the cafe I am on cloud nine. I feel like I am practically floating through the streets back to the hotel. I spend the remainder of the day deciding on what to wear (outfit in pic) I have to force myself to go to sleep. The days events keep running through my head on repeat, I finally get to sleep around 2am. My alarm blares to life ripping me from my dream of flying across the sky. But unlike most days being so rudely awakened by my alarm clock doesn't put me in an instant bad mode instead a huge smile spreads across my face. "Oh my gracious I get to see BIG BANG IN CONCERT!!!" I scream as I jump up to get ready I half run half trip towards the bathroom to put myself together. Once I look presentable I grab my purse and skip and I do mean SKIP out the door. I am just about to enter the hotel's restaurant to grab some breakfast when my phone goes off... "Yellow," I sing into the phone not even thinking about the possibility that GD might be on the other line, "this is Drea. Who is this?" "Um... purple," Ji laughs as he replies, "This is Kwon. I was wondering if you have eaten anything yet?" 'oh snap,' I think before I reply, "No I haven't had breakfast yet I'm about to grab something at my hotel but if you want I could come meet u somewhere." I am quite proud of my ability to speak without stuttering like a dork this time. "Could you meet me at Congee House?" He asks. My heart is about to jump out of my chest. I never thought that he would actually contact me. I know we had fun yesterday but the more I thought about it the more I thought that he couldn't really want to hang out with me and yet here he is asking me to breakfast. My inner fangirl was dieing inside with a huge smile on her face as I said, "You bet. I will see you in a few minutes.
I run to the restaurant sliding to a stop outside the door. I lean against the wall to catch my breath before walking in. There he is just sitting there reading a book, 'how is it possible to look that good sitting down' I groan inside my head. I take a deep breath to steady myself and walk over to him wiping all traces of nerves off my face and smile. "Hey Ji did you wait long?" I ask pulling a chair out and sitting down. "Not at all. I was just catching up on some reading," He says putting a bookmark in his book and setting it down, "I have actually been here for a while reading before I even called you. I didn't want to wake you up." A smile slides across his face as he looks up at me. "That's good I would have felt bad if you had been stuck here hungry waiting for me. So, what's good here?" "Well I already ordered for you. After talking yesterday I'm pretty sure I know what you like," Ji says confidently. "That's awesome because I am starving," I say my grin widening into a smile. Just then the waiter brings out our food. He places pancakes in front of both of us only mine are covered with strawberries and whipped cream and GD's just have syrup. "Well," Ji says "did I get it right?" "Perfect," I grin as I grab the fork and knife that was so nicely placed next to my plate. I sigh of relief escapes my lips, "Thank gracious he gave me a fork I'm not sure that I could have managed to eat this with chop sticks." "Yeah I told him to bring those for you. You told me that you could barely pick up anything with chop sticks so I didn't want you to worry. I even got myself the same silverware." Ji holds his fork and knife up grinning at me. "You are awesome." I dig into the meal and moan at how good it tastes. Smiling over the table at Ji we eat in silence. "That was delicious," I sigh as I put my silverware down on my now empty plate. "I'm pretty impressed that you ate all of that," Ji says a look of shock on his face. I instantly look down at the plate and whisper, "Sorry I always eat like a fat kid when it comes to something I like." "Hey, hey Drea look at me." GD says reaching across the table to grab my hand, "I didn't mean it in a bad way it is really quite refreshing to see a girl eat something for real. Most of the girls I know barely eat anything saying that they are on a diet." He smiles at me reassuringly. "Oh, well I that case cool. I don't believe in dieting your body needs carbs in order to live and you can't gain muscle if you don't have at least a little bit of fat on you." A small smile appears on my face as I look at up at him. "Well then now that that is settled and I know that you have had a good breakfast. I have to go and get ready for the concert. Sorry we didn't get to talk that much this time but we will see each other after the concert. We can talk then." He says standing up and grabbing his book. He is almost out the door when. he stops and turns around. "Don't worry about the bill I have already paid and take this I will see you later today." "See you later then. Thank you for breakfast fast," I say a shocked smile brightens my face as I wave goodbye to him. I look down at what he gave me only after he has left the building. A gasp rushes from my lips as I see that he handed me a backstage pass. Now I really can't wait to see the concert.
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