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THIS ALBUM OMG! I swear I cry every time I get a Vixx album, but this time is special! I FINALLY GOT MY BIAS!!!!!!!! LEO AND THE FRECKLES ARE, WOW! And to all the Ken stans out there, TELL YOUR BOY TO BACK INTO HIS LANE! HES KILLING ME HERE OMG!

I seriously moved everything on my door to make room for this poster. I actually got the one I hadn't seen before. AHHHH!!!! THEY ARE ALL LOOKING TOO GOOD FOR LIFE I SWEAR!!

hope to get mine soon. did one of those group things. ..hope to get Leo sig.
@goinnutz22 Oooooo...that's really cool! I just ordered mine from KPop town the day the album was released. It's going to take me a looonnnggg time to recover
if I get Leo signed. ...it gets put in a vault and I buy another one...lol