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As I have done with most of the other wins, this is the video of Vixx winning there 4th trophy for Dynamite! This one has the actual performance as well as the win and the encore stage. So proud of the boys! Ken made a fantastic MC!!!
@KAddict yeah I've noticed that too. It's good to have emotions, and I hope they are coming from a good place.
YES!!! I'm so happy for them!! I was a bit caught off guard by the surge is emotions from Ravi. If he cried, I would be crying with him...馃槴馃槩 He's been very emotional lately, hasn't he?
@goinnutz22 I know right!!! I almost lost it there. Ravi nearly cried and Ken looked like he had a few tears welling up too!!!!
@TishForde He has been, I'm not entirely sure why. Hopefully it's just the mood he's been in but lately he has been very emotional. He also seems to be a little clingy lately :) He's been really touchy with the other members.
why are they so beautiful? My UB is in danger.
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