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chapter 13 : Final Step

lexi Marie’s pov

I said farewell to Jin,Jimin,Jungkook,Rap Mon,V and Jhope. It was very upsetting for me. Seeing as they were the only ones besides Sungmin and Tiff to bother to show up at my place. The rest of my so called 'friends' didn't bother to call or anything, of course they weren't gonna show up to say bye.
Tiffany: Come visit okay?
"I'll see when I can." I smiled slightly.
To be honest I wasn't even sure I wanted to go anymore. I was hoping he'd be here to try and stop me but he isn't. Guess he finally got tired of trying. His last straw surely was at the talent show, after all he had spoken his feelings through a song even though I didn't believe him...a part of me wanted to.
Jin: (hug) at least keep in touch okay?
I hugged him back and nodded.
Jin: I'm gonna miss you.
"Me too"
Winston: Miss Marie, I'm sorry to interrupt but your flight is in an hour.
I pulled away from Jin and took one last look at everyone. I took a deep breath.
Tiffany: Let's all take a picture right now before you go. It'll be a good memory.
"Um sure. Winston, can you please take it with my phone?" I asked.
He smiled and nodded. "Yes of course dear."
He took my phone and we all gathered together.
Winston's smile had a hint of sadness in it. I wondered if he felt sorrow because Suga wasn't here or if it was because he'd miss seeing all of us together. He took the picture and then I said my very last good byes and have my last hugs. The limo came around and I stepped inside. I rolled the window down and waved until they were out of sight. I sighed and rolled the window back up again. I began to have flashbacks and I felt my hands ball up into fists. I hated him but yet I loved him. I hated him because of what he did to me but I loved him for the person he molded me into. He managed to tame the beast, he managed take this stone cold heart and mold it into something beautiful. He did things that help be a better person even though I thought he was the most annoying being in this entire universe. I always doubted if ever love him the way I do, but every little thing he did and the world he showed me didn't seem as cold and hopeless as the one I was in. I remember the first time we went to the traditional market, something I had never even seem much less have been too.
"Is it filled with….your kind? What am I supposed to do if one of them tries to touch me?! Should I take a body guard?"
He sighed. "You're seriously the most idiotic person I've ever met. Nothing's going to happen to you okay? Geez. You act like I'm taking you to your death bed. Sadly, I'm not so don't worry about it"
I scoffed. "Death bed?! You're the stupid one! I don't care if you don't like me, my safety is important you dunce!"
"Shut up and let's go. Gosh you talk too much, so annoying." He walked in front of me.
He had managed to take me out of my mansion, out to the street, we were on foot. See, we had made a bet...he said I wouldn't last 10 seconds out without any help of my servants. That included the transport. So far it's been a minute so I managed to prove him wrong so far.
"Princess you coming or what? Don't tell me you're scared." He called out.
"No way! Wait up!"
I quickly walked to catch up to him. I have to admit, everything is so new to me, I was a bit scared. Especially since he's so cold toward me but whatever he's an annoying peasant. I can take care of myself. I followed behind him and looked around. This place is pretty big, lots of people around too. Walking around, little kids giggling and looking at the toys. It seemed interesting to me how something simple could put a smile on their faces.
I felt someone tugging on my cardigan. I stop walking, not that I could since they were tugging on me. I looked down, it was a little boy. He grinned at me. I couldn't help but smile back, he had too missing teeth in the middle but he was so cheerful. I got on one knee to be at his level.
"Yes?" I asked.
"wa...mi-in ishinnaeyo." He said turning a slight shade of pink and handed me a plastic rose.
I took the rose. "Aww. Thank you" I ruffled his hair. "You're cute"
He giggled and became shy.
"Seems like you have an admirer. Poor kid, he just doesn't know the kind of monster he's dealing with" Suga chuckled.
-____- He ruined the moment. Jerk.
"Ya! I looked at Suga. "You're such a di-...."
I remembered the little boy still present. I smiled at him.
"Thank you for the rose. Go with your mother now okay? Be good"
He grinned again showing his teeth. I giggled. He nodded and waved bye then I saw him return to where his parents were.
I looked at the rose and smiled. What a sweet little boy. I glared at Suga.
He shrugged. "You don't intimidate me in the slightest so...."
"Whatever. Let's keep walking." I said.
We walked side by side this time and he began telling me what's what and why most people do things a certain way. We tried some food as we walked along. I was skeptical since I've never eaten any of this stuff before, but it was delicious. I asked Suga at least a million questions today but I really did enjoy myself. Despite the fact that I knew nobody around, everyone was so sweet and kind. Nobody gave me dirty looks or judged me. They all smiled and happily gave us what we wanted. It's so friendly, like a homey atmosphere. I felt myself smiling throughout the whole experience. Even Suga had lightened up, we were talking and laughing. It was almost like we were a real couple.
A little girl ran to Suga and hugged his leg.
He smiled. "Hey Yura"
He carried her.
She embraced him, wrapping her little arms around his neck.
This was the first time I've seen Suga's brotherly affectionate side, it was cute. I felt the warmth in my heart.
"Oppa, I missed you. You haven't come in so long." She said.
"I've been so busy, with school and all." He explained.
She looked at me. "With her?"
He looked at me then back at her. "She's a friend."
I think I've been friend zoned but I suppose it was so the little girl wouldn't be angry with him for having a 'girlfriend'.
"Hi" I smiled.
She waved hello to me and hid her sweet little face on Suga's chest.
He chuckled. "Silly girl. Why are you being so shy? You're not shy with me"
"'s cuz she's really pretty" she giggled.
"You think Marie is pretty?"
She nodded, her face still hidden.
He smiled then looked at me. "2 admirers in one day. Must be a world recorded." He joked.
"Oh that is such a good joke...not." I rolled my eyes.
"Unnie, do you think Oppa is handsome?" She asked as she came out from 'hiding'.
"Wae? Me?" I pointed at myself.
She smiled and nodded. "Mmhmm"
"Umm, well....I suppose Suga's handsome" I said.
I saw Suga turn a shade of pink. He turned away playing it off.
"Then if you think he's handsome why are you only friends?" She wondered.
My eyes widened. "Uh...heh. See your Oppa-"
"He came be your Oppa too~ right Oppa?" She looked at Suga who was still pink. "Ah!" She laughed. "Oppa, do you like Unnie?"
"She's alright..." He said as looked at me.
My heart throbbed and began to race.
She squirmed around so that he'd put her down. He set her carefully on the ground and held our hands.
"Let's go eat. My mommy made some delicious Bulgogi, you'll like it Unnie. Oppa used to eat with us a lot."
I assume her mother owns a little eatery around here. We walked together, people began to smile at the sight of the three of us.
Ahjumma: What a lovely couple. You both have a beautiful child but so young. You need to take care of yourselves.
I began to blush. "N-No. See she's-"
Ahjumma: No need to explain to me dear. Just be sure not to become pregnant again so soon.
This is embarrassing. A child with Suga? How absurd.
"Unnie? Is there something on your mind? Maybe a baby with Oppa?"
This little girl sure is something...
"Yura, those questions...I already told you, little girls shouldn't ask adults those kinds of things" Suga said.
"I'm sorry...." She pouted.
Aw, she's so cute.
We arrived at the small eatery. It was in a corner, her mother saw her and let out a breath of relief. She walked towards us and scolded the little one for wandering off when she was supposed to stay put. Then she apologized to us if she caused any trouble.
Suga: No not at all. You know Yura. Always so friendly
"She's such a handful though. Please have a seat" she smiled.
Her eyes averted to me. "Oh, you must be Suga's girlfriend correct?"
Suga: Yeah. She is.
Yura: Oppa! You said she-
"Yura. Enough. Go and color in your book okay?" Her mother calmly said.
Yura: Yes mama....
She walked to where her toys and coloring books were.
"Sorry about her. Again" her mother said.
"She was no trouble at all. She's such a sweet little girl, I enjoyed having her around." I smiled.
"Thank you." She smiled back. "I'll bring you some food, please have a seat."
We sat down at the table, this is kinda weird. It feels like a date almost.
I mostly kept to myself once we were alone, I didn't want to talk or anything.
He did the same. We both stayed quiet.
Once we were finished eating we decided to head back. I left the woman a generous tip, she was so kind to me. It's something you can't really repay but it's the least I could do.
Guy: Woah. Check out that girl.
Guy2: Damn, look at that rack.
Guy: Hey baby.
I ignored them and kept walking. Suga didn't really seem to catch who they were talking too. He was distracted, he walked ahead of me and I simply followed. He looks lost in thought.
Guy: Hey, come hang out with us.
They were walking behind me. I took a deep breath but just kept walking behind Suga. He was a couple of steps away from me.
I felt someone grab my arm. I gasped.
The two men had a dubious smile, they weren't good news, that much I knew.
Guy: How's a girl like you out here all alone?
Guy2: we were just about to go karaoke. You wanna come? It's on us.
They smirked.
I shook my head. I was scared. I couldn't even talk.
Guy: Perhaps to dinner then?
I shook my head and pulled away. I looked turned around to see where Suga had gone to rush to his side but he was gone. I began to panic.
Guy2: What's the matter? Come on. It's not like you have somewhere to be right?
"A-Actually. I-I-"
Guy: Aww she's stuttering, are you scared of us?
Yes, very scared.
My heart raced in my chest, Suga left me. He hasn't even noticed! That idiot!
Guy2: Hmm, let's get going. It'll be late.
He grabbed my wrist.
"No. I'm supposed to be meeting someone. I don't have time to go with you, maybe next time." I suggested.
Even though it was a lie, I had to try.
Guy: Next time? There won't be a next time. Come on you're coming with us. We'll introduce you to the rest of the guys.
Rest of the guys?
"No! I said I don't wanna go with you!" I tried pulling away.
Guy2: We can do this the easy way or the hard way.
I gasped. What're they going to do to me?
"Hey, what do you think you two morons are doing?"
My eyes lit up.
Guy: Suga, hey man. We were just taking our friend to come chill with us
"Let her go. She's not your friend. She doesn't even know you" he said.
Guy2: Bro what's with the serious tone?
"She's my girlfriend. What the hell are you trying to do to her?"
Guy: Ah, your girlfriend. Heh. Sorry bro, I had no idea. Right?
He looked at me.
"Bite me."
Guy2: Sorry Suga. Allow us to return her too you.
He pushed me forward and I fell onto Suga. We fell to the ground.
The two guys fled before we could even get up.
"Get off me!" He yelled.
He seems mad. I did as he said and cleaned myself off.
He grabbed my arm and tugged me along. He stopped on the edge of the street and hauled a taxi.
"Get in"
He roughly pushed me inside. He told the driver where we were heading to and he began to drive. He looked out the window.
"Don't talk to me. I'm taking you home"
He is mad at me. But why? I haven't done anything.
The taxi driver apologized but he couldn't drive further than the gate. We'd have to walk from here. Suga paid him and we got out of the car, we walked in silence for a bit. He was muttering to himself and seemed to still be angry. He stopped walking and turned to look at me.
I looked at him.
"Don't do that again! Do you know what could've happened to you if I wouldn't had gotten back to you in time?! Are you stupid?! You act all tough and shit around me but what about then?!" He yelled.
My eyes widened. He was worried about me.
"Suga I-"
"Don't say anything! I haven't even finished!" He kept yelling.
I waited.
He took a deep breath. "You have no idea what went through my mind when I started talking to you and I realized you weren't answering. When I turned around and didn't see you there I panicked okay? I don't know what I would've done if these guys had laid a hand on you. They're bad news. Why didn't you yell out for me?"
"I was too afraid too. Plus when I had managed to pull away, I didn't see you anymore. I was scared..." I admitted. "I'm sorry"
He stared at me. Searching my face. He hugged me.
"Don't scare me like that again. From now on always walk beside me okay? I promise I'll protect you"
-End of flashback-
That was the moment I knew he truly cared about me. The way had embraced me...just thinking about it and picturing's like I can feel it all over again. The warmth of his arms around me. The words 'I'll protect you'....It was unfair. As much as I try to forget. The memories haunt me. The memories of him make me remember how much I love him....
Sebastian: Miss Tipton. We've arrived at the airport.
"Thank you Sebastian" I smiled.
He smiled back and helped me out of the car.
Stella: Take great care of yourself miss Marie. I'm going to miss you.
"I'm gonna miss you too Stella. But no worries. I'll send for you soon, you and Sebastian. Winston has agreed to stay and watch over the mansion along with the other servants." I said.
She hugged me.
I took a deep breath. I never thought saying good bye to my servants would make me feel sad. Before I didn't really think of them as anything except people who did stuff for me.
"Flight 203 London will board in 5 minutes"
I made it just in time. I said my last goodbyes and boarded the plane. An 11 hour flight alone, without anyone to give me a warm welcome at my new home. Father didn't really mind me going and my mom was busy with yet another boy toy so she didn't care. My step mom didn't really mind it either, after all it's more time with my dad. New place. New people. New everything. I feel nervous but I know my time there will help me move on and put the past in the past. This is a new chapter in my life.
*Ding Ding*
Mm? I slightly opened my eyes.
Flight attendant: Ms. Tipton, we've arrived.
I slept throughout most of the flight. Which is a good thing, I'd only be thinking of idiotic things anyway. I yawned and stretched out. First class didn't seem the same, it's like something was missing. Like those trips to Italy, Paris and the rest of Europe. The empty feeling since a couple of weeks ago has been unbearable but now that I'm here, I realize that hole won't be filled no matter how much I try. I made my decision and I kept it, I'm in London now and it's time to start over. As soon as I take my first step out from the airplane it'll be the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the end of the book that once was.
I grabbed my backpack and got up.
F.A: There's someone waiting for you. He'll be driving you to your new home.
I nodded. I don't remember contracting anyone but I guess daddy called and made arrangements.
I got off the plane and looked around. I took a deep breath, this is it Lexi, a new life. London was stunning but with no one to share it with it felt like just some place.
The flight attendant walked me all the way to the entrance of the airport. There stood a tall, elegant looking man in a tuxedo holding a sign that read 'Tipton'.
He smiled at me. "Ah, you must be Lexi."
"Yes." I said.
His accent was very strong. Not that there's anything wrong, English accents are attractive.
"You're as beautiful as they described." He said. "My name is Malcom, it's a pleasure"
I smiled. "It's nice to meet you Malcom"
"I'll be your driver until Sebastian is summoned."
I nodded. I just wanted to go home; I have a lot to unpack.
"Well, let's get going. You must be tired and weary from the long flight."
The house was beautiful, a little too big just for me but I'm sure once I make friends it'll come in handy. Malcom helped with my luggage. We stepped inside and there was a maid, she smiled at me and bowed.
"Hello Ms. Tipton. Welcome to your new home, I'm Darla and I'll be your maid. Would you like me to give a tour or shall I show you to your room?" She asked.
I slightly smiled. "Maybe later, I feel a bit tired and need to freshen up. I'd like to go to my room, please"
"Oh so polite and well mannered. Of course, right this way" she said.
Malcom: I'll take the elevator, Damian is getting the rest of her luggage.
Damian? Guess this house isn't as empty as I thought. Well, at least there are people I can actually talk too. It beats being alone. We walked up the stairs, it kind of had a princess feel since the stair ways were separated and curved, in the middle there was an elevator. Very elegant and classy. We walked through the hallway; there were nice paintings on the walls and some statues. Feels like a museum almost. We stopped at the end and there were too huge doors. Probably 6 or 7 feet tall, this place seemed like a castle. It reminded me of 'beauty and the beast' that's the kind of vibe this place gives off. Just that this isn't a fairy tale nor did this have a happy ending.
Darla: Here's your room madam. I hope it's to your liking, if there's anything you need please feel free to phone me over the intercom.
Phone her? Intercom?
"Uhh okay, thanks."
She excused herself and I walked inside. This room itself could probably be a one story house, it stood tall and wide. This really is like a castle, well on the inside anyway. I closed the doors and looked around, wow. I explored my room and then decided to shower. I felt sorrow once I looked out the window. I began to think if this is really what I truly wanted. I wonder if he's thinking of me....
I sat on the bed and grabbed my phone. I'm going to call him...should I?
I wanted to hear his voice so bad but what would be the motive of calling? What if....
I sighed. No, I'll call and then hear him pick up then I'll hang up.
I dialed. It began to ring.
I heard a muffled ringtone coming from inside my room. I looked around but didn't see anything or anyone. The ringtone was becoming more audible and it sounded like it was coming from the study. I stood up and walked over to the study, I placed my hand on the door heart began to race, do I really want to open it?
The ringing stopped.
I stayed quiet to see if there was any sound but there was nothing but silence. I felt the door knob move slightly and I held it tighter.
"Suga...." His name escaped through my mouth.
I immediately shut my mouth and it was quiet again. I closed my eyes to concentrate, there has to be an explanation for this or I'm going insane.
I opened my eyes. Okay, I'm definitely going crazy, there's no way in hell he'd be here. Plus how'd he get in the house and no. There's way too much to do and no. There's no way. I'm going crazy, I'll prove it. There's no one here. I swung the door open and stepped inside the study. I looked around, being cautious.
A pair of hands covered my eyes.
"Ah!" I was startled.
"Shh. It's okay."
"Y-Yoongi? Is that you?" I asked as I felt the cold hands that were covering my eyes.
"You didn't think I'd just let you leave did you?"
I wanted to react angry but I was so touched by his words and actions that I couldn't. He took his hands off my eyes. I turned around and there he was. My Yoongi. He's here.
I felt my eyes tear up and I smiled. "What're you doing here? How'd-"
"No questions. Who cares how I got here? The important thing is that I'm here with you." He said and he touched my face. "You don't know how bad I've wanted to be with you like this again. I'm so sorry for hurting you; I never meant to do it. I just didn't know what to do to get you back, for you to believe me. Lexi, I love you. I don't care if runaway and moved to the moon. I would've found a way to get to you and tell you that you're the most important thing in my life. You're my sun, my sky, my moon, my stars. You're everything."
He wiped the forming tears. "I love you" he repeated.
I pushed his hand away from my face. "You think it's easy? That you come here and surprise me. Make some love speech to make me feel important and then I suppose you expect me to cry and fall into your arms and tell you that I love you too and everything to be back to normal?"
"Oh shut up, quit talking nonsense." he said and pulled me close to him. "You know just as well as I do that you want me just as bad as I want you"
"But I-"
He pressed his lips against mine. Suddenly I felt like a weight had been lifted, the emptiness I felt was no longer there. He was the only person who could possibly fill it up. I kissed him back.
He pulled away and looked at me. "Let's go home. You don't belong here; you belong back in Korea with me"
I smiled. "Can't we stay just a couple days? The two of us..."
He smiled. "As long as I'm with you I don't care what we do or where we are, you're all I'll ever need and want."
He leaned in to kiss me again. What started as a hateful relationship that was just for pay blossomed into something more. Love changes everything, opposites attract, everything falls into place all on its own but you have to believe and want it more than anything.

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