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Your favorite Fullmetal Alchemist character??
It's such a hard decision but I'm stuck between Fullmetal (Edward Elric) and Flame (Col Roy Mustang) !! Although I love the beauty Winry Rockbell and Alphonse Elric!! Also the eccentrics like Ling and Major Armstrong!! Haha So many good scratch that perfect and amazing characters!! From both FMA the non fully manga based anime and FMA Brotherhood based solely off the novel by Hiromu Arakawa!! FMA is a masterpiece that will never fade of lose its flame and inspiration worldwide and through ought the hearts of millions. #1 rated for a reason!! FMA, the #1!! Anime is life!!
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maes... maes heuges... R.I.P.
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may chang
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Greed the first one
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Roy ftw !!!! :D the flame alchemist.
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