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I know this person has an opinion but good grief Bts makes good music, and really ? rainbow ass songs? Lol okay, whATEVER MAN IT'S YOUR OPINION BUT I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU
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The person's comment isn't valid. TLC was r&b. what he or she is naming off is classic hip hop artist. second BTS was not only trained by korean artist but also train by legend hip hop artist. It says something when a legend want to work and mold a young artist. third KRS1 is one of Rapmonster's fav rapper and he reached out to him....KRS1 was not only in shock that his music reached to korea but to know a big name rapper in Korea was his fan of course he made a track for him. To know that BTS was in training in Cali in the hood of all places and they didn't get special treatment...because their recoding company wanted them to learn true hip hop. Show their dedication and willingness to learn what Hip Hop is. their lyric are not that of kpop nor american pop music. Now the f-ed part is knowing they had to change their imagr aka outside appearance to meet Hallyu ideology and keep up with Korea pop music. and now they are getting backlashed by hip hop enthusiasts for doing so. BTS did to get where they are many many korean popcultured artist wouldnt do. that is not look at freak BET or Rap videos and appropriate what hip hop is... instead they took it off screen and learned from the masters. So what if they wear make up...a lot of Hip Hop artist do... Jay Z wears it..P Diddy wears it even Snoop Dog wears it. NWA wore it. LL Cool J wore it. Outcast Nas Will SmiNs all wore it. Jay Z rock suits. P Diddy was always flashy and Andrea 3000 had a perm... Ice T rocked curla so did Snoop anf they are hip hop Gods!!!!# And all of them had songs from time to time that werr mushy about love or sex. These legends rapped about a . their own battles... their community the youth of that time. That is Real Hip Hop .. but I guess this person know nothing about real hip hop since he or she is willing to bash a group over Make-up. So I would love this person to say all those Hip Hop artist I mentioned that wear make up on Camera....(BTS wear make only on camera) and dress in flashy clothes are not real hip hop artist. he/she cant and wont. lastly it is Korean HipHop....sooooo the style the beats and imagery will be very different from trafiditional Hip Hop/Black music. BTD give respect and bows to the great legends of Hip Hop and R& they are following in the footstep of those whom this person mentioned above. 《drops mic》
Ok, for me that's been raised on "old school" music, like Marvin Gaye and Earth, Wind, and Fire, BTS is the closest to hiphop then today's music will ever be. The current "American Hiphop" doesn't much exist anymore, because 95% of it is made up of songs from rap artists. The 5% is the very few artists that actually stick to their genra and style. The music that we have today, is what drove me into liking kpop even more. Like I still listen to american music, but it's songs from the early 2000's and earlier then that. Very rarely do I actually find a song that I can enjoy, and that only happens 2 to 3 times a year almost. I understand that persons opinion, but did they actually take the time to listen to BTS instead of judging them immediately? I highly doubt it :/
I listen to OG/west coast rap music and BTS. I'll listen to Bulletproof pt. 2 and after listen to Fuck Wit Dre Day by Dre and Gin and Juice by Snoop, toss in some California Love by Tupac and then I'll listen to Ma City. They can fuck off, like for real.
how so? because they have become just as popular as Korean Pop stars? They are HipHop.... just as Big Bang... what is considered hip hop in the west aka American isnt real hip hop it is commercialized music. Unless you grow up around the time when HipHop was nt wildly known and all you know is from 2012+ as hip hop than you really don't know whay hip hop is all about except what is played on social media Again the sucky part is thst BTS had to change their image to appeal to a broader audience...and i feel that is with all artist like them. example Bobby.... he was nice..hard...went In.. .than his imaged change and he is with IKON. why? to fit a mold that South Korea has set for Idols. simple.
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