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With the Knicks season coming to an end a couple weeks ago, everyone is focused on ways they can make the team better.
Many people question is trading Carmelo and hitting reset on the roster makes the most sense for all parties. One of the most recent trade options that hit the board was Carmelo for Blake Griffin.
Doc Rivers told reporters Monday that he will not trade Blake Griffin, regardless of any offers that may arise. Griffin-for-Carmelo is one of the most frequently discussed scenarios when a potential Carmelo trade is brought up. Anthony, of course, has a no-trade clause in his contract, which has 3 years remaining.
While Doc is saying that at the moment, I think that's simply based on the offers they have received in the past based on his Blake's current play and standing within the franchise.
While Blake was amazing when healthy this year, he was often hurt and a BIG eyesore on the franchise due to his off-court activities.
This trade could be mutually beneficial for both teams. Carmelo can play in an up-tempo offense and also thrives in the the half court. Blake is a younger and more exciting player at this point in his career. If the Knicks are willing to play KP at center, this move could work for everyone.
Well that would mean the Clippers would need to go all out to win the whole thing next season
That would be a huge trade for both teams. The Clippers will be so much better with Melo and CP3 on the same team haha