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Awesome Idols With Tattoos

More and more we are seeing idols getting tattoos and I think its GREAT that their companies let them do this.

In the past I'm sure it would have been a HUGE no-no to get any ink done.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Changsub of BTOB

His lift chest, arm, and back of his shoulder are covered in quotes!


Ravi has three tattoos!! One is on his right arm says "Forever Young," another says YOLO on his chest and the third one is pretty new - its roman numerals (meaning unknown!) in his forearm.

Jay Park

How could he not have been on this list lol LOOK AT THEM ALL (and in this pic, his shirt is on!)

Hyorin Sistar

Hyorin has a huuuuuuge cross on her stomach which must have seriously hurt.

Taehyun WINNER

Taehyun has a lot of really tiny tattoos and I absolutely love him for them.

Jaejoong JYJ

Actually, all the members of JYJ have the other members' names tattooed on their body! They're extremely close :3


How sweet is this tattoo though?!


He's often covered in fake tattoos but THERE ARE REAL!

Taeil Block B

He's working on two full sleeves!!!

Zico Block B

Okay so really I should just be listing all of Block B at this point hahahaha


Along with these in the picture, Amber has one small tattoo on her left wrist!

Youngguk BAP


Junhyung B2ST

A fan of words, Junhyung's tattoos are all just lettering!

Ilhoon BTOB

Ilhoon coming at you in Spanish! It means No one can be like God.

CAP Teen Top

CAP! You are no longer a teen!


The king himself.

Who else?! Who are your favs?!

was I the only person who thought gd had a pizza tattooed on himself
so kangin's tattoo says "actions are more prection than words" which i think was supposed to say "actions are more PRECIOUS than words." Engrish epic fail.
A couple of FTISLAND members have really awesome tattoos too!! 😁😁
These make me so happy because I have tattoos and I love them it's a form of art and I still think that the world is trying to get used to tattoos being an art, I'm happy that the push for acceptance in tattoos is going and it's going in a positive direction 😍
@xojuliettexox I thought it was a pizza when I first saw it, too. 😂
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