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When Prince graced us with his presence at any event, people shared and remembered those moments forever.
Over the past couple of years, Prince seemed to be a pretty big NBA fan. His muse Damaris Lewis worked the sidelines for NBA games, which often led to Prince enjoying games she worked at.
After his recent passing, people have begun to share favorite Prince interviews. One in particular mentioned his love of the NBA and his favorite player in the league.
In a rare radio interview in 2012, the late musician was asked about a number of topics, including basketball. When asked who he was rooting for, he told interviewer Damaris Lewis, "Well, Dwyane Wade is my favorite player, but the Thunder are my favorite team."
Obviously, D-Wade was extremely excited to hear this news. "So yesterday i wasn't crying like some may think but i just listened to an interview with Damaris Lewis calling up Prince..Prince!!" he said on Twitter. "hearing him say that I was his favorite Basketball Player has me feeling all kinds of emotions.. You never know who life you impact. I know I have fans and lots of supporters around the world but hearing Prince say those words was an ultimate compliment.. #Honored."
If you had to guess Prince's favorite NBA player, who would you choose?
Leading the game with less than a minute to go
Haha looks like the Heat is going to take this one against the Raptors
Got pretty emotional when DWade cried during game 7 against the Hornets