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Okay, so I was bored on the Internet looking for some new Manga to read and I came across this one and I gotta say it's pretty good, now the Manga is not translated all the way so when I got to the end of it I decided to watch the anime and I gotta say it's pretty spot on except for a few things that can be overlooked. It's funny, it's got cool fighting scenes and the females are not all over the Mc and they don't make them look and act like thirsty whores(maybe one or two). now it does have a wtf moment in the very beginning and that's really all I can say about that. Now the Mc is not some op'd guy or someone who they keep adding shit to make him stronger, no this dude legit is not the strongest but he is smart and he can fight, he gets his ass tossed for a little in a couple of matches but he always figures a way out, oh and he has a pretty fucked up past. overall I can honestly say I can look forward to season 2 and the completion of the Manga.
@JosiahQuick no it's Rakudai kishi no eiyuutan
@JosiahQuick no problem, glad to help
@LesterRodriguez appreciate it
do is the name of it the uncrowned king