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Not confirmed death yet since it's the first Boruto chapter but also Boruto awakens the byakugan !? This is all real I'll leave a link ! This chapters first 3 pages is new content but the rest is a mash up of Boruto Naruto the movie ..... A new chapter every month and we get flash backs what the heck .. Anyways here's the link .. http://readms.com/r/boruto/001/3387/1
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Because naruto obviously isn't gonna die anytime soon and that was obviously a dream in borutos head so sage mode + byakugan??
@AadjmarrHadad Im as confused as you cause literally these are the only relevant pages of the Boruto manga the rest are Boruto the movie
@IvanDiaz no wonder sasuke looks weird now and thanks for the reminder I had forgotten but still its still a little weird
@AngelMartinez1 This new guy is ruining the series for me with his poor art to be honest .. And anytime bro !
I feel you on a deep level since I live naruto so much馃槀馃槀 @IvanDiaz