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I love Sailor Moon. I grew up with Sailor Moon. I've seen all the movies as a kid, however, I haven't watched them again since then. I did, however, watch the original series again when I started college out of nostalgia and I noticed a few things as I compared the English dub to the subs. Which is why I am reviewing "Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose" in the subbed version. There are too many mistranslations/rewordings that don't make sense in the English dub and, I'm sorry please don't kill me but, I HATE the English dub voice for Usagi/Serena. It's cocky, loud, annoying, and full of itself. The Japanese version is more light, innocent, and just more fitting. Usagi is naive and innocent, the English dub makes her sound less naive and more dumb. I remember feeling that way when I was a child, but after hearing the Japanese version, it's very prominent now. This review was requested by @Krystalstar22. Let me tell you something. It took me forever to find this damn movie in the subbed version. I found it the day before today, I was determined!
Alright so what's good about the movie? 1. Sailor Moon's character. There is some pretty good development in this movie. She's still innocent, naive, and a bit of a crybaby, but when you think about it, she's come a long way from where she originally started out. She's a little more brave, she doesn't hesitate so much in battle, and (most importantly) she is willing to sacrifice herself than allow the people she cares about get hurt. Sure, she's still clumsy and makes a mistake or two, but she's still a caring person willing to put herself out there to make sure no one else gets hurt. It's because of this, that you see a little maturity emerge from her.
2. The Plot. Yeah the plot itself is actually pretty decent and goes with the tone of the show. An evil flower wants to suck out all of Earths energy until "kaboom!" It's basic, but it's part of the Sailor Moon formula. Not to mention since it's a movie, the battle takes a lot longer and is more threatening than it would for 10 minutes. This fight just keeps going and going through trial and error to save the day. You feel just as exhausted as Usagi when it's all over.
3. The Music. There are times where the music make the scene look so freakin epic. The most notable examples I can think of are 1) when Fiore captures Sailor Moon and starts absorbing her energy. There's this massive chorus that makes you think "Oh Shit!!!" And 2) when Sailor Moon uses the ginzuisho to change the course of the asteroid. It gets you pumped. It's amazing what music can do to sway your emotions during a scene.
4. Flashback Scenes. These are very powerful scenes. They come out to describe the moment. The first one is, technically, when Usagi is worried about Mamoru when he meets Fiore again. She remembers them talking about how he's been all alone for so many years and that she promises to never let him feel that ever again. She's thinking of this because Mamoru isn't telling her everything so she's worried about him. The other flashbacks are when Fiore talks about how Usagi doesn't know what it's like to be all alone and the Sailor Scouts recount how lonely they truly were before meeting Usagi. The final flashback comes when Usagi uses the ginzuisho and the Sailor Scouts stand up to lend her their power to help as they remember how Usagi made them feel happy and not-so-alone. These are actually very powerful and gets you more invested in the situation.
And the not-so-good: 1. Fiormaru? Yeah, Fiore and Mamoru are old friends but they seem a bit TOO friendly, if you catch my drift. I'm not homophobic, I'm just saying it looks like Mamoru might be swinging the other way lol. It kinda caught me off guard. When you watch this as a kid, it all goes over your head. Now that I'm grown up and watching it again...I'm kinda shocked at what I missed lol. Bow wow chika wow wow.
2. Chibiusa is a psycho-killer! If you never watched the series and just saw the movies, you'd be like "this 6-year-old is f****** nuts!" No seriously, I was like WTF for the stunts she pulls. The first was when Usagi is unconscious and Chibiusa decides to wake her up by sticking napkins up her nose and covering her mouth until she runs out of oxygen! Kid, I'm pretty sure there's 100 other ways to wake her up that don't include possible murder! Then second time is when Usagi is reluctant to teleport to the asteroid because she fears everyone will get hurt because of her like Mamoru was. Chibiusa conjures a gun, shoots it at her head, all for it to turn out to be a prank gun that pops out a little banner saying "you can do it". A gun. Seriously? Again: 100 other ways to cheer somebody up that doesn't include scaring the shit out of her. This is one kid I don't wanna babysit.
3. A Couple Nitpicks. Not much, just little things that bothered me. A) Artemis, a talking cat, can use a computer. This is where I call bullshit. It's not just moving a mouse and clicking. He's using the computer to analyze an asteroid! That takes time (especially when you don't have opposable thumbs) and effort. They just heard about the asteroid and all of a sudden there's an analysis he ran 5 minutes later. So....bullshit. B) The animation doesn't stand out. It doesn't look like a movie, it looks like the tv show. There's nothing that shows it's a movie. It doesn't help that it's only 60 minutes long. Each episode is about 30 minutes so it may as well be a 2-parter episode. C) Why is Mamoru so shy about a kiss? In the beginning, Usagi leans in for a kiss and Mamoru freaks out because he realizes the other girls are spying on them and walks away. What guy gets so flustered over that? It's a kiss, a peck. It's not like you're gonna make out or "do the deed". I get that there are some guys who like to keep public displays of affection to a minimum, but come one, it's one kiss. (When you think about it, kinda backs up my whole "Fiormoru" theory lol). Also, why are the girls spying on them? When did they turn into pervs
Consensus's a good movie. It's Sailor Moon! You can't screw up Sailor Moon. If you do, you are shunned, which is why I would be crazy to give this a bad review. Sailor Moon isn't perfect, but it's a respected anime for a reason. The series itself, I promise to review someday, but as for the movie, it's so much fun to watch. I was fangirling so much while watching this.
Also what do you want me to review next week? Something old? Something new? Something good? Something bad? Let me know in the comments. If I dont get any requests by Thursday, Ill just put something out. K? Fair? Goodie.
talk about a blast from the past I remember watching this right after power rangers my mom felt it was weird I watched this but when she watched it for the first time she found out it was pretty good 😏
@redapple615 this is beautiful. makes me wanna go back and this movie. since I have net access right now.. oh, i'm so doing it. :)
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