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If you are a college-student-turned-old-British lady like me than this list is for you. Here are the best teas for every time of day!

Good Morning! This isn't actually tea, but it's the same idea. Water with lemon is the best thing to have in the morning. Tastes a little sour at first, but it's a fantastic detox!
Here are some more reasons why its awesome:
Mid-Day: Green tea!
I enjoy green tea at any time of day, but it’s the best when you hit that mid-day slump and need a caffeine boost. Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea Tropical is my personal favorite, but lets be honest they are all good.
Here are all the other reasons why its wonderful:
Afternoon: Earl Grey
Now its really time to channel your inner-grandma. Earl Grey is a classic! Add a little honey and it is another fantastic mid-day pick me up.
Anytime: Dandelion Root Tea
If you are looking for something more interesting this Spring, try Dandelion Root Tea. Its great for a Spring detox and has a nice earthy taste. As it is naturally decaffeinated, it's great for anytime of day!
Jolene Hart will tell you more about it:
After dinner: Chai Tea
Last but not least! Chai Tea is warm and comforting. Chai Tea Lattes are pretty great too, but just plain Chai Tea is delicious and hydrating. Just make sure it's decaffeinated.
Here are some amazing Chai Teas you can get from Teavana:
I absolutely love chai. I remember Tevana's chai being really good too! When I worked at Starbucks, they'd let you take home a box a week!
Oooh cool! This card had a lot of really great information. Thanks for the tips. I love tea, definitely should drink it more often.