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안녕하세요 , annyeonghaseyo, Hello Hello!! This is KPopBeat, a writer reporter at KPopINT, here with a new little segment I like to call Your Daily MV Hook UP! *Enter applause here*... As most of you know I am an avid Kpop fan and I have a very large collection of groups, songs, and MVs that I am more than happy to share with you. I will continue to write my Let Me Introduce... collection but this is something fun to do daily. Without further adieu.... *drum roll* Let me introduce our first MV!!
This song came out last year around this time so I figured it was only fitting to go ahead and share it. This is the group SPEED. This song is fun and catchy with a nice MV making it no surprise that it is still on my main playlist. SPEED is a group under MBK Entertainment and they have had their ups and downs (as a lot of groups have) with people moving on or new people getting added to the lineup.
Do not worry though, they are still a group. Just a group that needs some love from fans.
This is the first in many underrated groups I hope to introduce you too.
Did you like it? Was the song to your liking? Would you look up more of their songs or are you more... eh I don't care? Let me know in the comments!! If you know any underrated groups you would like to see get some love let me know. I am always open to learning about new and unknown groups!
That is all for this feature of Your Daily MV Hook Up! Wanna be added to my Newsys tag list? Let me know and I will be happy to get your name down!
@KPopBeat OUT!
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Omfg I found Speed last year and FELL. IN. LOVE. WITH. THISS SONG AGGHHAGHSGSVS
@CreeTheOtaku Yes he left the group last year around March some time and started off his Solo career by joining Show Me the Money 4. If you look closely at the MV you will notice that he has already departed the group.
@KpopBeat really? I wanna support him now
@CreeTheOtaku His brother is actually no longer with the group. He moved on to try a solo career, but it is nice to see someone who knows about this group.
and the dance practice with heelies
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