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As rumors about a possible Space Jam II releasing, Inside the NBA revisited a scene starring Barkley in the original Space Jam film. And guess who wasn't going to pass upon the opportunity to poke fun at Barkley.

Shaq. No surprise.

Oh these two.

Well, at least they aren't actually enemies like they were back during their playing days. It's so funny to see them go at each other!
They're going to have to tweak the storyline because it's definitely all about when Michael Jordan joined the MLB. Unless Labron joins the MLB too someday. Which would be weird.
SJ2 can't beat the original Space JAm
Even though they cant do much with the Space Jam storyline...I can't wait to see the new SJ movie when it comes out!
@danidee Yeah LeBron, CP3, DWade, and Bosh. But this lineup is def so much weaker than the original Space Jam!
THEY CUT OFF MY FAVORITE PART. When he's at the church and he promises God he will never date Madonna again lol. I wonder if the new Space Jam movie is actually going to happen. They wanted to use Labron, right?