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This is beautiful news! :D

Hey everyone! It's Taemi c: EXO is currently preparing for their comeback in June with another studio album! EXODUS is their most recent studio album from last year. They have also mentioned that they will have a comeback in June in one of their concerts. It has been rumored that EXO will have an upcoming concert in July. A concert production associate stated, “It’s not fully confirmed, but it is said they are preparing for a concert in mid or late July.” Well here you have it! We will keep everyone posted on EXO's comeback! I seriously can't wait! I'm excited and looking forward to their new music :) ♡ EXO fighting!!


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I'll be dying when the comeback comes
I am excited for new music but I really wish they good have a nice rest first
@yshjosalynn @likeaflute @leab259 let us prepare!!! 😂😂😂 and by that I mean dig Graves lol
*dies screaming*
OMG!!!! Yes!!! I hope they come here to the states again!!! I was lucky to see them in NY!!!
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