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I always dream about meet-cutes, where I'll run into my true love by fate in a book shop, cafe, in the park, etc.

But my REAL dream meet cute somehow always ended up...

In a bagel shop.

Specifically, Pick A Bagel on 3rd or Bagels on the Square in NYC.
Maybe its because I'm always in a great mood when I'm getting a bagel in the morning (sesame, toasted, light cream cheese) or because bagels always lead to adventures for me (its usually how I start my Saturdays exploring the city) but I feel like if I'm going to run into love anywhere, it would be waiting in line for my bagel.

You actually learn a lot about someone based on their behaviour in a bagel shop.

Do you know your order ahead of time or are you one of those people I hate that wait until their turn to decide what they want? Do you get one of those really funky cream cheese flavors? Are you kind to the guy taking your order? Do you leave a tip? Pay in cash? Say please and thank you? Talk in a voice loud enough for the bagel guys to hear you?

It seems stupid, but I need a man who knows how to order a damn bagel.

Do you have a place where you feel like you are meant to fall in love?

If you're in a relationship, where and how did you guys meet?

you guys are hilarious... I met my wife at a football game, and she was super late... lol I admit, I wanted a bagel but to my surprise, all I got was a bag of chips. they were good by the way.
@comilikoh i would just fall in love with the cheese fondue fountain lol
Call me a geek or a weeb all you want but I feel like my Prince will be at an anime con (bonus points if he ended up dressed as a prince 馃槀)
My husband and I met in grad school.
i was in a relationship meet on fb
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