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It has been over four months and I am sorry for the long wait, I passed this season down to my brother @TyTruth while I was gone and he did one episode and was too busy which, I understand. You can go on his page to watch episode #3 Dante vs Thor. I may remake this episode in my on image, probably not though. My opinion is Dante would win, he's completley faster than Thor exceeding speeds faster than light and can even teleport, he's shown to have massive super strength just like Thor, he's immortal shrugging of impalement, being crushed, and gunfire, Dante has also fought off and defeated god level beings and also has fought in space. The list of combatants I had is gone so this season will not be the same as I imagined it, the match ups will be new and thought up off the top of my head. This series is where I take two or more fictional characters list off there feats and abilities and decide on who I think would win based on the facts.
Combatant one: Aang Born an airbender and also the first element mastered in his arsenal. Wields a glider staff and is very proficient at airbending with it. Has suppressed an explosion by using air bending. Cools down a wall of lava using air breath. Able to create massive tornadoes. Performs Water Whip on his first try. Dodged and redirected water while blindfolded. Has redirected a river. Creates air bubbles to breath underwater. His most struggled with element was earth. Able to create earth armor that resisted Ozai's powered up fire and can also create crystal armor if present. Possesses seismic sense. Learned the dancing dragon fire bending form. Capable of redirecting lightning. Can connect with spirits and restore and take bending. Aang has fused with a water spirit and whipped out an entire war fleet (a rare occasion that only happened once because the spirit allowed it) Aangs physical feats rely on speed and durability, not so much to strength. Carried a boulder on his back trying to keep balance during training. Very evasive. Able to compress all four elements into one sphere while utilizing avatar state. Generates an earth golem to fight an iron giant. A gentle soul shown to hold back against foes such as Ozai and General Old Iron.
Combatant two: Korra Born a water bender but, was able to bend 3 of the four elements at age four. Also very skilled at the three elements early in the series. Has held her own against 3 pro benders and knocked them out. Effortlessly defeats 3 triple threat members on her first day in the city. Able to bend and fight with her hands and feet bound even against one of the best airbenders in history who was the second to earn the ability to fly. Able to fight the same airbender while poisoned. (poison weakened her avatar state) Skilled enough in air that she taught a novice airbender how to control air properly in a short amount of time. Redirected a torpedo using water bending. Simultaneously rides a water tornado while fire bending fighting of two very skilled water benders. Held her own against Tarlock who was a master water bender forcing him to blood bend which she had never encountered. Threw a piece of a mountain at Zaheer. Flys with fire and while bending three large pieces of earth without utilizing avatar state. Sends a wave the size of the colossus she is fighting at it. (The colossus she is fighting is the size of the city) Very skilled at healing. The first avatar ever to metal bend becoming so skilled at it that she can utilize metal cables very well and was even able to remove Mercury from her body. Able to resist her bending being taken away and restore bending. She also doesn't just bend the elements she bends the energy inside of her body as stated in the series. Korra is also able to connect with her own inner spirit giving her the access to the cosmic energy of the universe. (it creates a giant astral projection of herself which is able to blast energy from her chest also, she is capable of water bending even though she is seperated from her physical body) Very physically strong. Very skilled in hand to hand combat. Bit of a quick thinker. First avatar to be seperated from the spirit that grants the avatar their ability to bend all elements, first avatar to have no guidance from her past lives other than the first avatar (Wan) (lasted throughout the whole series), and the first avatar other than Wan to get in touch with that same spirit. Once had her bending taken away from her. First avatar to be separated from avatar state also was once put into a wheelchair. Stopped a nuke and created a third spirit portal by doing so.
WINNER: Korra "You have done more in three years than any avatar has in their entire life!" Something Aangs very own son that he trained said to her! Aang was a natural at bending learning the water whip in one go and even having no trouble with fire as it only took him a couple of days but, Korra was using three of the four elements at the age of four and even becoming proficient at her weakest element which is air. Yea Aang went through the struggle of losing the airbenders and struggling to overcome his time skip after almost dying to Azula but, Korra's time skip was way worse, leaving her helpless and that not even being the first time with her feeling that way, Korra has experienced true helplessness, losing her bending, her avatar state, and even losing her connection to the past lives which makes her more experienced than anyone including Wan. Yea Aang had to deal with the growing technology that was being created but, Korra has to deal with modern technology that makes bending useless and she also had experienced an air bender that could fly and even a lava bender. Aang was able to defeat General Old Iron but, Korra had to fight a modern colossus that was capable of whipping out the city. Aang has an impressive victory against Ozai with his fire being enhanced and all but, the thing is Aang's fire bending was also enhanced and he was still struggling to defeat him while, Korra has faced overwhelming odds against many foes and managed to come out on top: Amon, Unalaaq, Zaheer, and Kuvira. She's defeated the dark avatar and stopped a nuke capable of whipping out Republic city and created a third spirit portal by doing so. Aang is very fragile even when he's an adult, always evasive and agile, on top of that Aang holds back from killing shooting the lighting fired at him from Ozai away while, Korra is tough and strong being very skilled in hand to hand combat, gaining her wisdom through beatings. The true Avatar is Korra!
She also used the avatar state in her fight with zaheer and kuvira. They both kind of acted independently from the other avatars tho, aang used his own wisdom to defeat ozai and take away his bending. korra had to after her fight with vaatu, and was very independent in defeating kuvira too. eh they're both great ://
i disagree. Aang would beat Korra. Korra was lucky more than skilled. She's almost ended the Avatar line on several occasions and if it had not been for Aang's spirit to guide her would have been the last Avatar. Also, on balance Aang achieved more in 6 months than Korra achieved in 3 years.
@DevilsSon Mine is 1: Zuko and 2: Toph/Korra.
my favorite character from avatar is toph. simply because she can bend earth and that's something I would want to do
@akatsubaki71 Aang was able to do that because of the avatar state and Korra was able to restore and take bending as well.
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