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Here's an idea. When you're planning the engagement party, be sure to make it a destination style event--to Doughnut Time--in Australia!
You think I'm kidding. @TessStevens knows. #thisbishdonplay Full-on serious-ness!
The confectionery operates 18 locations--only in Australia. At $6 EACH, per doughnut, it's no wonder they've got so many stores. But then again, these must be some DAMN GOOD doughnuts for people to religiously buy a 6-pack for $36!
I mean, look at this picture. A glazed doughnut covered in GOLD LEAF! GAGGING! YES!
I wonder, have you guys tried this place? (@mattk95 @inplainsight) Any other Aussies on Vingle that I don't know about?!
Have you ever seen so many ridiculously FABULOUS doughnuts before? OMG!!!!!!!
The names of these donuts are seriously killing me. THEY NAMED ONE AFTER MUGATU.
what's the shop's name?
marsh I can't believe you didn't tag me! Hello? living in Sydney here :o
$6 seems steep, but must be worth it.
@marshalledgar apology accepted ;) Doughnut time... I've tried them before, it's weird that the donut shop is actually inside of topshop which is a clothing store. I've tried their signature nutella donut, jampacked with nutella fillings, it was intensely sweet! another one was the salted caramel, sticky and again overwhelmingly sweet, couldn't taste any "saltiness" that's signature to salty caramel. Also they are bit pricey, $6 a donut I think? Have not tried the gold leaf ones though.
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