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If you are a fan of Jackson, even if you aren't...you'd probably notice this by now!

The famous Jackson Wang custom made brand! Jackson almost always has his Last name on most of his clothing ( sometimes first name) and don't forget his area code either!
no matter where he's going, you'll know it's Jackson!

Fan meetings...


Show mc ...

at the grocery store...

even when he's with fellow band members he always stands out with his Logo

I have always noticed this but it stood out more to me after this weekend concert, Jackson usually wears his mark but mostly when he is alone without members, but as of lately he has gone full WANG! every outfit the group wore Jackson had Wang on the back or side.
Don't get me wrong I love me some Wang, he always stands out more to me either way and I'm simply amazed that netizens haven't bashed Jackson's individuality. The Wang brand will be a thing one day! I'm sure of it..
It also makes me think what the other members think about this and if they feel some kindof way about it, being that he is the only one with a special mark in his clothing... Jackson in basic training will be like...
Ready to report with swag sir!
you know he isn't very good at being inconspicuous if he wants to be invisible....FOLLOW THAT WANG!! *points fans*
Jackson is his own fan. Poster child for "love yourself".
wang everywhere! all day lol @lovetop
I love some "WANG" too !!