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Maybe I'm getting a little older but recently I find this blouse cute. It's feminine and is a prettier version of a classic button down. The pie crust blouse also looks good with high-waist jeans, boyfriend jeans and summer skirts. My only concern is I don't usually wear tops with bold shoulder details. Also, I don't know if it's too much to wear to work.
These are the pieces I'm considering:
What are your thoughts?
It's appropriate. Just throw a blazer over it. I love the second one!
All 3 of them are nice!!! But I like the first two more!!!
I love it. as long as it's worn right with simple pants or skirt should be good. just don't add more ruffles by wearing some ruffles skirt bc that when all goes bad
You're very welcome!!! I hope you get them.
@petname83 @jordanhamilton Thanks! I'm putting the first two on my wishlist! =)
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