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As the storm settles on top of your location, a different storm has begun in your heart. You are totally enveloped by all your senses. The sight and sound of the storm outside; the feel of him surrounding and comforting you, the smell of him so close making you fight off your want to use your sense of taste.
He’s stood there holding you, watching the storm with you, not saying a word for the last thirty minutes. As the storm starts moving on, he opens the balcony door and motions you outside.
“I love the feel and smell after it rains.” He guides you over to a recliner on the opposite end of where you ate dinner. He sits down and holds a hand out to you.
You give up; you’ve tried fighting this but something just isn’t playing fair. You nod and walk over to sit down with him. He turns sideways and pulls you back once again, into his embrace. Since you are no longer fighting this or him, you snuggle back and put your head on his shoulder. Taking a deep breath you try to express the perfectness of the moment.
“It’s so magical. Everything smells fresh and new, yet you can still feel the charge in the air from the passing storm. I’ve never found a smell that makes me feel so good.”
One of his hands comes up and brushes your hair off to the side. He leans his head against yours as he replies, “I only know of one other smell that makes me feel that way.”
You leave that hanging there. It might have been innocent; he may be talking about his MOTHER! You’d rather not know and just stay in your little, make believe cocoon for the moment.
The silence is comfortable, not awkward. You don’t feel like you have to say anything; it just feels right sitting, breathing, and existing together.
In the distance you hear the faint rumble of thunder. As if taking a que from it [HN] starts a quote:
“I love thunderstorms. This hiss of the wind, the boom of the thunder, the lightening that lights up the sky. Why? Because of the chaos. Because sometimes in this boring, scheduled life, this waiting-for-Friday-night life that we lead, we just need the world to remind us that not everything is perfect. Sometimes nature can’t handle the pressure. Sometimes the sky explodes.”
When he stops you speak up, “I like that, where is it from?”
You can feel the rumble of his chest as he laughs, “I have no idea. I found it on the internet one day.”
After another relaxing thirty minutes, you are so comfortable that you let out a slight yawn.
He squeezes you, “We should get you inside so you can sleep”.
“We should try to wake Lee and get back to the hotel,” you comment as you sit up from his embrace.
“You really are welcome to stay here, I would enjoy that. We could all have breakfast in the morning; I don’t have a schedule until afternoon.”
You look over at his endearing face that seems to be yelling for you to accept.
“While that may be a normal friend thing, at least among your brothers, I would still feel awkward. I would be upset if my boyfriend had a female sleep over.”
He smiles, “Ah but it is two females, not just one. And she knows I am not into that kind of kink so it would harmless no?”
You roll your eyes and laugh at him as you walk back into his living room. Lee is still sound asleep on the couch; she's sawing logs that shake his home. You look over at him with an embarrassed snicker for her. He smiles, takes your hand and leads you down the hallway.
“Leave her, she seems comfortable enough from the sound of it.”
He chuckles as he opens a door on the left,
“Here is a bathroom, and across the hall;” he turns and opens the opposite door, “the guest room.”
He points out the fact that they are the only rooms on this side of the house.
“My rooms are on the other side. Unless you sleep walk, we should both be perfectly safe and trustworthy.”
He bows to you, takes your hand and kisses the top, “Sleep well, [YN].”
I've mentioned my muse many times. This seemed perfect to me tonight so I thought I'd share. He posts maybe once a week if any of us are lucky. Tonight as I'm writing this scene about the storm and the love of what it leaves behind my phone buzzed that he posted. I know Bing translate is crap but it fit for me for tonight and my story. Those little muse moments are rare, just thought I'd share this fun one with you all. ♥
Just give in!! lol No use fighting it! *holds hands in the air* I surrender! Take meeeeeee! hehe!
OMO, my heart is seriously pounding from this moment with my man! I find that with your stories I often read each chapter a couple of times. I love to spend more time in this world and revisit awesome moments. (And I see that the handsome and talented Wheesung made an appearance on today's card) 😉 ☔ ❤
I love that your Junsu was so in line with you today. So lovely.