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Time to learn a word that is in a TON of other words...the word is:

소리 - sound


목소리 - Voice (literally "throat sound")


목 - Throat

소리 - Sound

(in this song they say "너의 목소리" over and over which means "your voice")

빗소리 - The sound of rain (literally "rain sound")


비 - Rain

소리 - Sound

(the title of this song is Rain Sound!)

소리 질러 - Make some noooooise!!!!! (Literally, "shout sounds!")

(soh-ri jil-leo)

지르다 - To shout/yell

소리 - Sounds

(at 1:40 they say "소리 질러"make some noise!")

무슨 소리예요? - What do you mean? What are you talking about? (literally "what sound is this?")

(moo-seun soh-ri ye-yo?)

무슨 - What/which

소리 - Sound

Have you heard this word before?!

@kpopandkimchi thank you!!!
@kel53 in that case you might say 무슨말이에요 (what words are those) but im not sure which is best in that situation :) either might be fine!
okay so with "무슨소리예요?" can you use that when texting/messaging or is that just talking since it's technically describing noise?
I've heared 목소리 and 소리질러 before!✌
@Bikutoria13 totally hahah like sorry in a canadian accent hhaha
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